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Our Speech-to-Text Technology is the Best in the Business

Great businesses are powered by good people and the best technology. We get this. That’s why we test ourselves against our competitors, so you know you’re getting the right software for your business. Discover how we compare with other speech-to-text services.

The Most Accurate Speech-to-Text Technology on the Market

We offer the best voice-to-text transcription on the market. To prove this, in 2021 we put ourselves up against our closest competitors. Based on an internal test set of 6 hours of representative audio (English language audio), we’ve seen a huge leap in our accuracy. A leap that puts us well above our competitors.

Supporting Over Half the World's Population

Speechmatics now offers 48 languages, supporting over half the world’s population. Our aim has always been to understand every voice and so it’s vital that we capture as many languages as possible. This has allowed us to provide the most comprehensive offering on the market compared to others in our industry. The below data is representative from 2021.

Ready to Understand Every Voice?

Sign up to our free speech-to-text SaaS Portal and we’ll guide you through the integration of our API. We pride ourselves on offering the best support for your business needs. If you have any questions, just ask.