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Real-Time Translation is now available in the Speechmatics API

We understand that users of speech recognition technology often require translation too. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring to market Real-Time Translation for 69 language pairs, powered by unparalleled accuracy, speed and simplicity that can be derived from using a single API!

Real-Time Translation is ready for you!

Our developments in Real-time Translation will help you to create experiences to accelerate localization, accessibility, and more applications to your customers in the fastest, easiest, accurate, and reliable way.

And guess what? The future we see with the development of our Real-time Translation API is completely free for you to test and use until June 30.

We encourage you to book a meeting with one of our speech experts to learn more on how to monetize on the various applications of Real-Time Translation, and strategize on how this can best fit your roadmap to accelerate your business goals.

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Real-Time Translation is here!

Why are we telling you that it’s here?  

We’re excited to offer an exclusive Early Bird price just for you! **EXTENDED** Sign up before May 31 to get access to our new Real-Time Translation at a reduced price. Register today for our Early Bird offer and you’ll get a reduced price starting in June.

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