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Expand your horizons with our transcription and translation API

Reach over half the world’s population with our fast and accurate transcription and translation API.

The only real question you need to ask yourself is… Where next? 

We speak your language

Speechmatics' AI-driven speech technology powers transcription, translation and understanding in 50 languages. Our industry-leading language coverage ensures our technology can handle your business needs, regardless of where you're from.

High accuracy? We hit the mark.

Speechmatics delivers high accuracy transcription even on languages that other vendors like Google struggle with. 

The proof is in the pudding. Or budino. Or मिठाई.

Test results are great, but nothing beats a live demo. Below is a live stream of four international radio broadcasts, with live transcription and translation both shown, in real-time.

ASR just got an upgrade. Speech Intelligence is here.

Explore the latest breakthroughs in speech and AI, all built on category leading accuracy.

Inclusivity – good for everyone, no matter the use case.

Make your content work harder to a larger audience & increase customer satisfaction. Whatever your industry, it's win after win after win after... 

Localize Media Content  

Our ASR supports over half the world’s population with its language coverage. Let your customer’s media reach as wide an audience as possible, regardless of the spoken language.

Build Inclusive Classrooms

Speech translation encourages diversity and inclusion in education, as well as ensuring your services remain compliant with international laws and standards. 

Revolutionize Contact Centers with Speech Translation

Don’t let language and dialect barriers hold you back. Extend your offering with contact center solutions to cover diverse customer bases, without compromising quality of service and features. 

All-in-one. One call for all.

We offer both transcription and translation with a single API call, drastically reducing complexity and maintenance. If you're looking for an expert partner to help you:

Service a customer base spread over a large range of languages and geographies

With a simple to use, unified API

Speechmatics is the right choice. 

Numbers that matter

Lower word error rate compared to Google (on German to English).

Better quality French to English than Google (as measured by COMET score).

Better quality for ASR + Translation for German, Swedish, and Japanese (as measured by COMET score).

Self-Supervised Learning: The science behind the magic.

At Speechmatics, we’ve pioneered a self-supervised learning approach to building our speech model. This huge technical breakthrough gives you some huge benefits:

  • High accuracy across languages 

    Our bar is high for quality, and our underlying technology ensures we hit that bar across every supported language.

  • High accuracy across dialects and accents 

    We ensure that our accuracy remains for dialects, accents, and in different environments, so you always get outputs you can trust.

  • New languages added with ease 

    We added Persian within 4 weeks. Need a language we don’t current offer? Get in touch.

Transcription coverage for over half the world's population

With Speechmatics, the only real question you need to ask is... where next?