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Fast, Accurate Captioning

Language coverage that caters to nearly half the world’s population. Live and post production options. Our market leading Speech API enables you to deliver captions at scale and efficiently.

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A global broadcast organization delivered accurate and compliant captions in multiple languages, reducing costs to caption by 99% using our Speech API.

Build the Best

Our speech-to-text models are market leading, reducing the need for human editors and improving the quality and efficiency of your service.

From the newsroom to center stage, media and events companies globally depend on our API to caption content across a range of languages and accents with varying audio quality.

Key Benefits of Speech-to-Text - Column 1

Go International

Cover 50 languages with matched accuracy and ensure your product can manage nuances introduced by different demographics, dialects and accents.

Key Benefits of Speech-to-Text - Column 2

Optimize Readability

Make captioning as accurate and reflective of speech as possible with automatic formatting of numerical data, and advanced punctuation and casing.

Key Benefits of Speech-to-Text - Column 3

Detect Profanity and Disfluency

Aid accessibility and remain compliant by detecting and removing profanities or hesitations.

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Deliver Quickly

Meet the needs of all customers with low latency output and fast-paced results.

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Deploy Flexibly

Choose from cloud or OnPrem deployment, or leverage a combination of both, to balance speed to market with the security needs of a variety of customers.

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Ensure Compliance

Avoid fines for poor performing captions with a highly accurate API that delivers a reliable and consistent output.

“We’re delighted to work with Speechmatics to drive our live and batch captioning processes – they continue to be ahead of the pack for all our key quality metrics.”
Tom WoottonHead of Product Area for Broadcast Services, Red Bee Media
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