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Accuracy Is Calling

Reduce costs, automate and improve agent retention with the leading Speech API. Providing unrivaled accuracy across 48 languages, our models will enable you to transform customer conversations into actionable insight.

Have You Heard?

Our Speech API helped a global retail bank to save millions in compliance fines, boosting risk and fraud detection to 99% compared to what it had previously achieved with Google.

Turn Conversation Into Insight

Your contact center is no place for errors – inaccurate speech-to-text output can bias conversational data and result in poor customer experience, churn or costly compliance fines.

With Speechmatics, you can effortlessly integrate the most accurate speech transcription into your platform and deliver.

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Key Benefits of Speech-to-Text

Our comprehensive feature set gives you everything you need to build a leading contact center.

Understand Every Voice

Capture every conversation with an API that covers almost every natively spoken language and is built to understand speakers regardless of their demographic, accent or dialect.

Maximize Efficiency

Keep end user costs down with batched transcription for audio files, our API can process an hour of audio in less than five minutes.

Optimize Agents' Time

Automate manual tasks and allow customers to self-serve for basic requests, freeing up agents to handle more complicated requests.

Improve Analytics

Get actionable insight from each interaction to better understand engagements and improve customer experience.

Deploy Flexibly

Choose from cloud or OnPrem deployment, or leverage a combination of both, to balance speed to market with the security needs of a variety of customers.

“Speech recognition technology is essential for the functionality of our Contact Center applications, so we teamed up with Speechmatics to ensure we deliver the best speech technology on the market."

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Mariano Tan

President & CEO, Prosodica part of Vail Systems

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