Use Cases - Media Monitoring

Video and Audio Monitoring Made Easy

Quickly extend your monitoring capabilities to include video and audio in almost every natively spoken language, maximizing discoverability for your end users.

Have You Heard?

A leading media monitoring company switched from Google to Speechmatics’ Speech API and reduced alert time, enabling their end users to jump on trends quicker.

Provide The Full Picture

Providing accurate tools to monitor an increasingly disparate media landscape is no easy task, and you need a speech partner that can deliver. Ensure your solution is accurate, inclusive and global with our market leading API. With a comprehensive feature set and unmatched accuracy across 48 languages, you can rely on Speechmatics to help you build a differentiated media monitoring platform.

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Key Benefits of Speech-to-Text

Our API provides everything you need to deliver for end users in every country and any industry.

Never Miss a Mention

Capture every conversation with wide language coverage and an API built to understand speakers regardless of their demographic, accent or dialect.

Provide Context

Enable context understanding with high accuracy speech capabilities, ensuring end users can make informed responses.

Optimize For Industry

Introduce a custom dictionary and boost accuracy for proper nouns, acronyms or industry-specific terms.

Return Relevant Coverage

Ensure your coverage reports can differentiate between dates and stock prices with automatic formatting of numerical data.

Deliver Quickly

Analyze content quickly after publication with low latency output and fast-paced results.

Deploy Flexibly

Choose from cloud or OnPrem deployment, or leverage a combination of both, to balance speed to market with the security needs of a range of customers and industries.

“The increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based monitoring tools are (one of) the primary factors likely to accelerate industry demand across the globe.”

Excerpt from Research and Market's Media Monitoring Tools Report 2022

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