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Track Brand Mentions and Improve Discoverability Using Speech-to-Text

Using the right speech-to-text vendor can help your customers improve their discoverability and protect their brand reputation.

Did You Know?

A Global Media Monitoring company switched from Google to Speechmatics’ Real-Time Speech-to-Text API alerting on brand mentions in less than 60 seconds enabling their customers to act on trends.

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Use Only the Best

As online content is accessed with frequent regularity and brands are targeted in languages other than their origin, solution providers have to consider if they’re in the best place to protect the companies they serve.

If the solution you’re offering to businesses isn’t accurate, inclusive and global, they’ll quickly find one that is. Speechmatics' speech-to-text is best-in-class to help companies improve how they successfully track their brand mentions over any platform.

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“The increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based monitoring tools are (one of) the primary factors likely to accelerate industry demand across the globe.”

Excerpt from Research and Market's Media Monitoring Tools Report 2022

Key Benefits of Speech-to-Text

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Never miss a mention and keep your clients fully informed.

Speechmatics' accurate speech-to-text enables context understanding so media companies can make the right decision with their next action.

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Differentiate with full inclusivity of accents, dialects, demographic, age, and gender across 48 languages.

Speechmatics supports over half of the world’s population.

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Provide fast-paced results for customers with low latency output.

Speechmatics process speech-to-text accurately and with speed – under 1 second output – making it perfect for live transcription situations.

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Secure your roadmap and reduce time to market with flexible, easy-to-integrate deployment options.

The only speech-to-text vendor on the market offering cloud and secure on-premises deployments in both real-time and for pre-recorded media.

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Improve readability and accessibility of mentions with complex punctuation.

Speechmatics offer a host of extra features – including Advanced Punctuation – to make searching for mentions as accurate as possible.

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Create the tech stack that suits your business model.

Flexible with an open and accessible architecture, Speechmatics' API is easy to integrate in 6 simple steps.

Ready to Understand Every Voice?

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