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Our technology understands the most people across the world. The most accessible engine that can help businesses better understand and connect with their customers, regardless of demographic, pitch, dialect, modes of speech, or semantics. 


Bleeding-edge deep learning capabilities deliver the fastest and most accurate transcription against
competitors with human-l
evel intelligence and meaning.


Easy and flexible to consume with an open and accessible architecture. High-quality digital tooling allows all customers and partners to leverage our speech intelligence engine to drive their use cases in software innovation in public or secure environments.  

Robust, scalable and flexible control of your data

Speechmatics’ any-context speech recognition engine has the flexibility to be deployed whenever and wherever your business needs it to retrain keep control over personal or sensitive data.

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Accurate speech recognition regardless of your accent

Trained on thousands of hours of spoken data from over 40 countries and tens of billions of words drawn from global sources, Speechmatics’ Global English supports all major accents in one model.

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