speech recognition

Speechmatics offers a range of different products and speech recognition services. Using a completely new deep learning approach we are achieving world beating accuracy levels.

time alignment

Our time aligment service automatically synchronises text with audio or video files. Simply upload your transcript and media files to receive a timestamped document in any language.

deep neural networks

We are at the cutting-edge of deep and recurrent neural network algorithms. Our ground-breaking approach, pioneered by Dr Tony Robinson, is improving accuracy continuously and pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible in speech recognition.

cloud or on-premises

We operate a very easy to use cloud-based model through a simple REST API that reduces your up-front costs and helps maximise returns. We also deploy on premises solutions to selected clients.

free trial

Register with Speechmatics today and get a completely free trial of audio transcription and / or alignment! No strings attached.


Support for .mp3 .mp4 .avi .wav .flac .ogg and more. Transcribe an ever increasing range of languages using our different language products. Automatic punctuation, capitalisation, diarisation (speaker separation) and individual word timings and confidences.

speechmatics dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

Submit new jobs and monitor progress of running jobs.

Download previous transcriptions to .txt, .json or a print friendly version.

Select which language product you want to use.

Top up credit easily with Stripe.

View transcript with confidences and timings of each word.