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Detect sentiment in audio with our Sentiment API

Keep your finger on the pulse with our Sentiment API – track and analyze sentiment for any transcribed media.

Dig deeper

You’ve seen what customers are writing, but what about what they are saying? Gain qualitative insights with Sentiment from Speechmatics, built on accurate transcription.

More than reviews

Written customer content only gets you part of the picture. Analyze customer calls, online media and more to get a true view of how your customers feel.

Context is everything

Knowing the sentiment is great, but what caused it? Unmatched transcription accuracy from Speechmatics provides vital contextual insight.

Improve CX

Armed with how customers feel, it gives you a rich source of data to improve customer service and train staff to handle tricky conversations.

Great insight however you slice it

Explore the context

Segment Analysis

Split into segments

Each transcript is split into segments, with the sentiment of each of these segments highlighted. A conversation might go from negative, to neutral, to positive, and back again.

Speaker interaction

Speaker Sentiment

Overall sentiment of a speaker

If you’re using Speaker Diarization where different voices are used to identify speakers, access the overall sentiment of a speaker for the interaction.

At a glance

Overall Sentiment

See for yourself

Good, neutral or bad? If you’re looking for a high-level view of an interaction, this gives you a sense of the sentiment of the media.


Confidence Scores

The confidence of the model

Language is nuanced, so we also provide you with some important context for any sentiment, indicating a level of confidence in our classification.


What if the model predicts the wrong sentiment label for a sentence?

Speechmatics provides a confidence score that indicates the confidence of the model in the detected sentiment. It's recommended to take the context of the transcript into account and to validate the sentiment analysis results with human judgment when complex conversations are involved.

Does sentiment analysis increase the time to process?

Yes, sentiment analysis will mean that it will take longer for your transcription to be returned. However, it will only take a few seconds for a 2-hour file. It is designed to be fast and efficient, but processing times may vary depending on the size of the audio file. If you experience longer processing times than expected, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

What if the sentiment analysis results aren't consistent with my expectations?

The Sentiment Analysis model is based on the interpretation of the transcript and may not always accurately completely capture the intended sentiment of the speaker.

It's recommended to review the context of the transcription in relation to the sentiment received first. You should also review the confidence score to understand how confident the model was about its prediction. A low confidence score can mean that it’s not clear with the prediction.


Use Case

Contact Centers & CCaaS

Provide exceptional training to agents based on calls where negative sentiment was successfully mitigated and handled by an agent.

Use Case

Media Monitoring

Using a combination of Custom Dictionary (to pick up those more technical or personal words) and Sentiment can ensure that brands keep fully informed.


We've launched Sentiment, and we're feeling 😃

Explore Sentiment: Uncover emotions from transcribed content at scale. Elevate customer insights with precision.

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