The global media broadcast market is quickly adopting automatic speech recognition technology for live and archived content

As more spoken content becomes available across more and more channels, capturing this data becomes pivotal for media companies to manage and monitor valuable voice data.

Media broadcast companies are getting ahead of their competitors using our speech recognition technology.

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology can be used in media monitoring for setting live triggers on chosen keywords. It is also used in media asset management to transform audio recordings into searchable transcriptions, creating valuable business insights. Or it can even be used to form real-time and pre-recorded subtitling for use in broadcast scenarios.

Some example integrations

  • Live subtitling of broadcast content
  • Automate transcription for efficient editing
  • Produce accurate metadata for topic extraction, indexing and future discoverability

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Subtitling all of your content is a huge challenge and one that requires highly specialist skills. Automatic speech recognition takes all of the hard work away and allows the power of technology to take over.

Speechmatics’ technology can be used in real-time or on pre-recorded video files for subtitling, helping to improve the accessibility of your content, as well as enhancing search and archive possibilities for live TV content.

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Screen Systems uses Speechmatics for subtitling.


With increased amounts of content coming from various sources, a need for increased transcription efficiency and speed has arisen. Traditionally, this was done by hiring more people to transcribe the content. By using Speechmatics’ automatic speech recognition technology, transcription is automated making the editing process cheaper and more efficient than ever before.

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Digital Anarchy uses Speechmatics for video editing.


Providing efficient, accurate closed captioning can be a huge challenge when it comes to making video content accessible. Utilising speech to text technology in real-time or for pre-recorded video files can streamline captioning services.

Speechmatics’ automatic speech recognition (ASR) is the first step to providing accurate, seamless captioning to the masses and ensuring audiences benefit from premium video captioning whether its broadcast or online.

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3Play Media uses Speechmatics for captioning solutions.

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Media Asset Management

Your archived content is one of your greatest assets, but only if it can be easily searched and accessed. Speechmatics’ automatic speech recognition capabilities make creating and searching archived files effortless, providing accurate metadata information for topic extraction, indexing and future discoverability.

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Tedial Media uses Speechmatics for media asset management.

Media Monitoring

More and more content is made available each day across an increasing number of channels. This gives you less control over what is being said about your company which could leave you vulnerable. By integrating Speeechmatics’ speech recognition capabilities into your workflow you can listen to the media in real-time and monitor relevant pre-defined keywords.

You can even go one step further by using Speechmatics’ Custom Dictionary and Sounds Feature, to input unique industry language, unusual names, and relevant keywords into the system ahead of time, increasing the effectiveness of our speech system and your media monitoring.

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Broadcast Bionics uses Speechmatics for media monitoring of radio.

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