New Speechmatics breaks down language barriers with our new speech translation API.

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Powerful, Accurate & Inclusive Speech-to-Text API

Our AI-driven speech technology powers transcription, translation and understanding in 45+ languages. Comprehensive features, flexible deployment, high accuracy, all with a single API.

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Get started in three lines

$ pip3 install speechmatics-python

$ speechmatics config set --auth-token $YOUR_API_KEY

$ speechmatics batch transcribe example.wav

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"We're delighted to work with Speechmatics to drive our live and batch captioning processes – they continue to be ahead of the pack for all our key quality metrics"

Tom Wootton

Tom Wootton

Head of Product Area for Broadcast Services, Red Bee Media

Expand Your Horizons with Worldwide Transcription and Translation

Leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning, Speechmatics enables you to reach a global audience with high accuracy transcription and translation. 

With our single, unified API you can send audio and receive both transcription and translation, opening up your product or service to the broadest possible audience, without the hassle.

Global Transcription you can trust

We support transcription in 48 languages (including local dialects and accents) with a single language model and automatic language detection, all with unparalleled accuracy. This means that over half the world’s population are your potential customers. 

Translation you don’t have to wait for 

Fast, low-latency translation in 30+ languages for real-time use cases such as media broadcasting. When the transcription is accurate, the translation is too. 

Broad coverage. High Accuracy. A single API call. A potent combination 

With Speechmatics’ language coverage, translation and speech understanding capabilities, built on highly accurate language models, you can build powerful applications without worrying about the language outputs being used.

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Ready to Understand Every Voice?

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