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Jan 30, 2024 | Read time 4 min

Real-time speech technology: Elevating communication with high-value use cases

Speechmatics' game-changing functionality offers instant transcriptions in all supported languages - without sacrificing accuracy.
Stuart WoodProduct Manager

From revolutionizing contact centers to reshaping media intelligence, Speechmatics' cutting-edge real-time functionality offers instant transcriptions in multiple languages without compromising accuracy.

This is a game-changer for product leaders looking to add innovative new functionality to their products, with dozens of potential use cases.  

Below is a selection of these...

Contact center - much more than simply compliance

Many contact centers (and CCaaS providers who build software for them) will have implemented Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) software for compliance reasons ("your calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes").

With real-time speech technology, voice can become a powerful new resource to be unlocked and be the driver of new features and ways to make agents fantastic at their job, and drastically improve customer experience.

Off to a great start with IVR

Even before a call gets through to an agent, accurate speech recognition can ensure that customers are understood and sent to the right place.

AI-powered Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems can understand and respond to customer inquiries more accurately, improving the efficiency of call routing and self-service options.

Awesome agent assistance

ASR can identify specific keywords or triggers during conversations, alerting agents to important topics that require immediate attention. It can pull through knowledge base articles for detailed technical questions, pricing tables, or even competitor comparisons.

It can provide agents with instant feedback on their speaking pace, tone, and language, helping them adjust their approach to better serve customers. This technology provides agents with real-time prompts and suggestions during customer interactions, ensuring they adhere to company scripts and compliance guidelines.

Speechmatics can transcribe customer calls in real-time, providing agents with a text-based representation of the conversation. This helps agents quickly refer to important information and ensure accuracy when documenting customer interactions. With Summaries (in real-time!), give agents both the full transcript and also highlights of the most salient points in conversation.

Supervisor superpowers

For supervisors charged with looking after agents, it is impossible to listen to every concurrent call, all the time. But with real-time transcription, they can get pretty close.

Real-time speech technology can analyze the tone and sentiment of customer conversations in real-time. If a customer remains frustrated and angry, this can be flagged to a supervisor. This can enable timely intervention and resolution.

Let customers talk in their own language

For multilingual call centers, ASR can instantly translate customer inquiries or responses into the preferred language of the agent, facilitating smoother communication and support for a wider customer base.

What do these add up to? Superpowered agents, fantastic management and oversight, and most importantly, great customer experiences.

Media intelligence – react real fast in real-time

Media, campaigns, and social move faster than ever before. For brands and the media intelligence software providers, speed is everything.

With real-time, companies can be more reactive and ready to manage the barrage of mentions and information required to build a lasting brand.

Level up listening

By accurately transcribing media and audio in real-time, your ability to effectively listen, gain insight and act, is completely transformed. Build workflows, monitor sentiment, gain analytics in real-time across all of the following:

  • Broadcast media

  • Social media

  • Events

  • Adverts

  • Market research groups

This agility can be used to tweak campaign budgets, be more responsive with follow up content, react to sentiment from the public, assess effectively and course correct where needed, spot emerging trends and create brand experiences based on these, and ultimately stay ahead of your competition and in the market.

This also facilitates faster PR and crisis management. When something goes wrong, a fast response can be the difference between effective management and letting things spiral out of control.

Competitive competitor insight

If the above is all valuable for a brand for its own campaigns and launches, then you can use the same technology to monitor the competition.

Real-time ASR can help track competitors' product launches, announcements, and marketing campaigns by transcribing their media appearances and press releases. This allows marketing teams to react if needed, and also alert internal teams should they affect any roadmap plans and announcements.

Events – multi-lingual engagement

As events have grown and become increasingly international, catering for the diversity of audience members and speaker is tougher than ever. This is compounded by the emergence of online and even hybrid events, where the experience is drastically different. Real-time speech technology can maximize audience engagement and satisfaction.

Accessibility for Audiences

Real-time transcription can provide live captions or subtitles during presentations, making events more inclusive and accessible to attendees with hearing impairments or non-native language speakers.

Multi-lingual is the new normal

For international events or conferences with diverse language participants, real-time transcription and translation services can bridge language barriers by providing instant translations of speeches and discussions.

Hybrid and virtual events, sorted

In a hybrid event format (combining in-person and virtual attendees), real-time transcription ensures that remote participants have equal access to event content and discussions. What sounds great in a large room might not be picked up as well on a microphone, so transcription using a speakers microphone can be the difference between active participation and leaving your event entirely.

Real-time Speech Intelligence is here, and it is transformative. Luckily for you Speechmatics can support all of the above, and more.

So, what are you waiting for?

Astonishing accurate ASR is here, in real-time.

What are you waiting for?