Foundational Speech Technology For The AI Era

Combine accurate speech recognition with the latest AI and LLM technology, all with a single API. Powering transcription, translation and understanding in 50 languages (in real-time).

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Speech, powered.

Everything you need to unlock the value of the human voice, build great products and expand your global audience.


Find new audiences

50+ languages

We cover over half the world's population with our language coverage, helping businesses expand globally. Ask yourself - where next?


Unmatched Accuracy

Even in challenging environments

We deliver unprecedented performance across a range of voices, stress tested in real-world, noisy environments, so you can always trust our outputs.


Live. Instant. Real-time.

Real-time transcription is here

Precise, low-latency transcription, translation and speech capabilities, all delivered before your media even ends. What are you waiting for?

Case studies

Red Bee Media
Making sport accessible to everyone with Red Bee

Red Bee helped Channel 4 in the UK become the first broadcaster to deliver a completely accessible Paralympic Games.

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ASR just got an upgrade. Speech Intelligence is here.

Explore the latest breakthroughs in speech and AI, all built on category leading accuracy.

"We're delighted to work with Speechmatics to drive our live and batch captioning processes – they continue to be ahead of the pack for all our key quality metrics."

Tom WoottonHead of Product Area for Broadcast Services, Red Bee Media
Red Bee new logo

"Speechmatics strives to push boundaries, playing a pivotal role in the development of our workspace. They consistently outperform other vendors for word error rate, speaker segmentation and punctuation."

Maarten VerwaestChief Revenue Officer, Limecraft

“Speech recognition technology is essential for the functionality of our Contact Center applications, so we teamed up with Speechmatics to ensure we deliver the best speech technology on the market."

Mariano TanCEO, Prosodica (part of Vail Systems)

Unlock the value of speech

Everything you need to deliver incredible voice-powered products and features, globally.