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Apr 3, 2023 | Read time 4 min

5 Value Adds For Using Speech-to-Text in Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center experts, Luke Scott-Crowley and Kallan Lee, guide you through how speech-to-text can bring a return on your investment in Contact Center Solutions.
Luke Scott-CrowleyAccount Executive
Kallan LeeAccount Executive

The recent explosion of unstructured speech data in Contact Centers has been a transformational moment for Contact Center solutions. With several of Speechmatics’ high-profile customers within this industry, we know the enormous pressure providers are under to tap into this change and reduce costs across the board for customers – be that in automation, agent retention or simply in avoiding compliance fines.

The big question remains, “How can you add and offer value?” Today, our existing ISV and Services Partners are delivering better value to their customers by embedding our best-in-class speech recognition into their solutions. By offering new business outcomes for their customers, the solution providers themselves have the chance to grow.

Here are 5 ways in which they’re doing it and you can too.

1) Offer a True Difference

When given the option between the standard and the best, most choose the best. Speechmatics is the specialist, award-winning best-in-class speech-to-text provider. We enable solution providers to accelerate competitive differentiation and forward plan the speech recognition capabilities of tomorrow. Are you confident you’re making the most of your speech-to-text as a differentiator in your own Contact Center offering and not simply viewing it as a necessity?

2) Prioritize Inclusivity

At Speechmatics, we believe everyone should have the right to access the modern technological world regardless of ethnicity, gender, literacy, disability or age. To that end, we’ve made sure our language accuracy is market-leading. By training on broad datasets (voices, accents, and environments) we’re continually improving all areas of accuracy. This in turn allows ISVs to deliver Contact Center solutions that differentiate their offering in the market, helping you deliver on constantly growing customer expectations.

3) Make the Workforce Work Smarter

There are two questions we hear often from Contact Centers solution providers; “How can you help us improve the agent’s life in the Contact Center so they can increase retention?” and “How can you help us successfully replicate and multiply the successful agents our customers have?” Where possible, reducing attrition and training others for success is achieved through analysis of calls to plug training gaps. That analytics is only made possible by accurate, inclusive speech-to-text. By making sure tasks that could be automated are not being handled manually, Contact Centers can focus on key challenges such as reducing call times, callbacks, and improving customer experience.

4) Show You Can Reduce Costs

Every business is looking for ways to make their money work smarter. We can help deliver huge cost savings with our efficient and accurate speech-to-text through performance analysis. Our wide variety of languages – and high levels of accuracy – helps give ISVs and Service Partners better access to untapped markets. When it comes to new rules and regulations, the financial consequences of non-compliant interactions are clear to all. In Contact Centers themselves, the real-time compliance factor is yet another obstacle. With our Real-Time SaaS offering, it’s an obstacle we can help overcome.

5) Set Out Your Roadmap

For some speech-to-text providers, providing speech-to-text is enough. At Speechmatics, it’s the bare minimum. We understand your need to feel confident in a speech recognition partner who has the capacity for longevity, and we understand your need for a partner who can change and adapt to your needs. You need to know they can help you with a roadmap to growth. Research and Development is core to what we do. We’re constantly innovating and updating our product to keep it best-in-class, so you can be assured it’ll suit your needs not just today, but into the future.

Luke Scott-Crowley and Kallan Lee – Contact Center Solution Experts

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