Speechmatics has robust, scalable and flexible deployment options

Speechmatics’ ASR has the flexibility to be deployed anywhere. It can be used on-premises – ensuring data remains within your private environment – with your choice of cloud provider, or using Speechmatics’ software as a service (SaaS) offering. You’ll be using a robust and scalable platform where your business can confidently grow with demand.

Our extensively tested APIs enable simplified integration of ASR into any existing solution architecture, significantly reducing your time to market.

Transcription options

Batch ASR

Transcribe pre-recorded media files whenever you want. Schedule a transcription at a time that is best suited to optimise your available resource.

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Real-time ASR

Get a transcription in real-time to gather actionable data instantly. Speechmatics’ proprietary Low Latency Finals deliver best-in-class accuracy through automatic word correction re-scoring. The configurable latency setting is designed for low latency use cases, including captioning live broadcast and monitoring the media.

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Deployment options

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Speechmatics’ Cloud

Speechmatics’ SaaS is a fully managed service delivering all the benefits of the Speechmatics ASR without the complexities of deploying with your own team and environment. Accelerate your time to market with a fully supported and secure service with instant access to all new features, languages and updates. We support:


Speechmatics’ on-premises ASR enables the transcription of latency or security sensitive media files in your own secure environment or within public cloud environments as part of an existing cloud strategy.

  • Supports pre-recorded (batch) and real-time audio or video files via Docker containers or Virtual Appliances
  • All features available
  • Appliances support flexible language pack deployment options to optimise footprint
  • Flexible language selection through Batch containers

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Public Cloud

Speechmatics’ public cloud is agnostic to any cloud environment and supports Virtual Appliances for both batch and real-time use cases. This provides the flexibility for Speechmatics’ ASR to be integrated into an existing cloud strategy as well as an on-premises deployment model.


Do you have both real-time requirements and pre-recorded files that need transcribing? Or a mixture of data requirements that require some cloud and some on-premises processing? That’s okay too.

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