Product - Topics

Detecting topics in speech at scale

Harness Large Language Models' inherent understanding of language and a wide range of topics to accurately identify what's being spoken about with Speechmatics' Topics API.

Looking under the hood

Your media, your topics

You understand your media a lot better than we do.

Choose up to 10 custom topics for increased precision and relevancy. Or simply use our predefined list that includes 'Business & Finance', 'News & Politics', and 'Technology & Computing'.

Conversations are rarely about a single matter, Topics can therefore make conversations simple to parse and categorize. Combine Topics with Sentiment to further understand not only what people are speaking about, but their attitudes too.

Topics has landed!

Speechmatics' Topics API is available for you to test, for free.

Integrate in seconds with a simple API.

Unlock speech intelligence at scale with an API call

For more information on how Topics works, check out our API Documentation, or book a call with our team!