Product - Topics

Detect topics within speech

Harness LLMs' inherent understanding of language and a wide range of topics to accurately identify what's being spoken about with Speechmatics' Topics API.

A wealth of insight

With a single API call, transcribe and identify topics talked about within media, even if the topic isn't mentioned by name.

Machine learning

Better than keywords

Harness the power of LLMs to identify custom topics in your content even without specific words being used.


Improve searchability

Let the right people find your content faster. Add metadata to large volumes of audio to enable better searchability and improve SEO.


Skip to the good bits

View the important parts of your media quickly, and spot clusters. Automatic timestamps allow your audience to engage with the desired content segments without lengthy scanning.

Your content, your choice of topics

No fixed list of topics

Choose up to 10 custom topics for increased precision and relevancy. Or simply use our predefined list that includes 'Business & Finance', 'News & Politics', and 'Technology & Computing'.

Combine Topics with Sentiment to further understand not only what people are speaking about, but their attitudes too.

your content your choice of topics

Useful across industries

Use Case

Contact Center Solutions

Topics make conversions simple to parse and uncover themes, with the transcript still being readable to discover the precise wording the customer used on a particular topic. 

Use Case

Media Monitoring

Understand the fast-moving conversational landscape by seeing trends in topics – find out what’s emerging as a more common area of conversation?

Use Case


Help students discover new courses by the topics covered in them, or skip to recordings where a particular area was covered. Create topic focused notes for your students and guides for evaluators.

Get started with Topics

For more information on how Topics works, check out our API Documentation, or book a call with our team!