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Our Speech-to-Text Technology, Your Way

Our entire offering can be deployed within your environment or through our cloud service. Explore our range of flexible deployment options and choose what’s right for your business. 

Flexible Deployment for All Your Business Needs

Hybrid Deployment

We offer you a range of deployment options to best suit your needs. This includes hosting Speechmatics within your environment, our environment, or a combination of both. 

A hybrid deployment lets you write the integration code once and access all features, no matter where you run transcription. Many of our customers choose multiple deployment options to cater for specific business needs.  

Whatever option you choose, rest assured that your data security and privacy are a top priority for us.  

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On-Premises Deployment

Our on-premises option enables you to use our speech-to-text API entirely within your own environment.

You can choose between deploying Speechmatics on Docker Containers or preconfigured Virtual Appliances. It suits whatever works best with your wider technical architecture, skill sets, and business needs.

You’re in Complete Control by hosting our speech-to-text API yourself. You can maximize your workflow efficiency, minimize latency, and ensure your specific security and compliance requirements are fully adhered to.

What You Get:

  • Full set of features

  • Flexibility to choose which of our 48 languages you need

  • Ability to transcribe totally offline

  • All the support you need to get up and running quickly with minimum fuss

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Cloud Deployment

We also offer cloud deployments, which we host in multiple locations around the globe.   

Get Up and Running Quickly. Our SaaS delivers all the benefits of our speech-to-text API, without the cost and complexity of deploying it within your own team and environment.  

Enjoy a secure service and instant access to all our new features, languages, and updates. 

What You Get:

  • Full set of features

  • All 48 languages

  • Scalable to your workload

  • Global endpoints providing high availability

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Ready to Understand Every Voice?

Sign up to our free speech-to-text SaaS Portal and we’ll guide you through the integration of our API. We pride ourselves on offering the best support for your business needs. If you have any questions, just ask.