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Designed by developers, for developers, our Speech-to-Text API is simple, reliable, and flexible so you can start seeing results in minutes.

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Speech-to-Text Integration Made Easy

We believe using our speech-to-text API should be as easy as possible. Our aim is to make integration as simple as dropping in a few lines of code. That’s why we created the Python SDK and CLI tools for our RESTful API so you can focus on building great applications, solutions, and services using speech-to-text.

Speech-to-Text Integration
Continuous, Reliable Improvements

We’re dedicated to continuously improving our product. We apply industry-standard best practices to everything we do, including fully tested continuous delivery and clear API versioning. This means we can ship upgrades and improvements whilst guaranteeing peace of mind that your integrations will continue to work without a hitch.

Continuous Improvements
Flexible Deployment Options

From our fully managed SaaS to on-premises deployment, we've made integrating with Speechmatics as flexible as possible. Our lightning-fast containerized application runtime means you can deploy anywhere in no time at all. Or if you’d rather install our API without the need for a Container, you can deploy our Virtual Appliance.

Flexible Deployment Options

Technical Articles

Live Status

You can view our live status anytime at We continuously monitor and the other services we provide. If there are any performance or service incidents, an update will be posted here.

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