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Nov 15, 2022 | Read time 4 min

How to Make Unified Comms Accessible for All with Accurate Speech-to-Text

Unified Comms experts, Reggie Mitchell and Rupert Lambert guide you through the best ways to both differentiate your solution and make business conversations accessible for all.
Reggie MitchellAccount Executive
Rupert LambertUnified Comms Expert

Unified Comms platforms are being used more and more as an essential way to connect us all. Whether it’s a meeting between colleagues or a sales call with a potential client, the ability to have business conversations from anywhere in the world has become so familiar it’s now the norm. It’s such a huge market that earning revenues of around $27.19 billion are predicted by the end of 2028.  

Yet, while there’s a sizeable market to play for, there’s also fierce competition. And for those who provide services to Unified Comms, there’s a question of confidence. In such a competitive market, is your speech-to-text service driving business value differentiation across the market? Does your solution provide accessibility for all? If it doesn’t, we’re here to show you how it can.

Opt for Multi-Language Tech

Where work, business, and education used to be separated by location, they’re now united over Unified Communications platforms. The physical barriers that once existed have evaporated, making it possible for a truly global workforce to come together. In this world, your speech-to-text offering must be able to work for everyone.  

At Speechmatics, our speech recognition technology is available in 50 languages, supporting over half the world’s population. We also train on a range of accents and dialects to make our language packs even more accurate across the board. In a recent study, we recorded a 45% reduction in speech recognition errors for African American voices compared to Google and Amazon.  

Broad language and accent coverage is no longer a nice to have. It’s mission critical for your product if you want to increase your total addressable market (TAM). Being able to cater to the broadest market possible means your offering can move at pace with your customers, without barriers to growth or scale.

Choose Speed and Accuracy

We know inaccurate meeting notes can be costly and damaging for businesses. But slow speech-to-text can be limiting in its own way, leading to a lack of inclusion. So, while we’ve always put accuracy at the forefront of our approach, we make sure we balance that with speed.  

This is particularly evident in our recently released Real-Time SaaS offering, where we’ve been able to provide a low-risk, high-reward approach to speech-to-text – with both fast results and highly accurate output, deployed within a public cloud environment.  

By combining speed and accuracy, the need for manual human transcription can be minimized and the cost of delivery can be significantly reduced. Not only does this help you manage costs, but it also provides an opportunity to differentiate your product against competitors.  

At Speechmatics, we offer a unique sliding scale which makes our real-time offering highly adaptable, unlike other players in the industry. We want to open up our technology to every size of business, giving more users access to the most accurate and fast speech-to-text currently available.

Leave No-One Behind

If businesses want to include those who can’t attend meetings, they must be confident the solution you’re providing is robust. Targeted for notetaking and sales analytics in business and enterprise calls, we offer many features to improve your solution, including Advanced Punctuation and Speaker Diarization to make meeting notes as accurate and reflective of human conversation as possible.  

Thinking from a global perspective, our Language Identification feature allows users to determine the predominant language in a media file automatically. Plus, Speaker and Channel Diarization allows you to accurately identify who’s speaking and when, which means improved data and insights for the teams you serve to make the right decisions. So, even when there’s background noise or poor equipment impacting audio quality, high accuracy means what’s important gets captured.

Save Time and Money

Speechmatics can process an hour-long file in under 5 minutes, enabling vast amounts of data to be processed quickly at a fraction of the cost of human transcription. We can confidently reduce costs for your customers and help them avoid costly fines with batch transcription for archived audio data.  

As the only speech-to-text vendor on the market offering cloud and secure on-premises deployments in both real-time and for pre-recorded media, as a product leader, you’ll be able to offer customers a tech stack that suits their business model. Flexible with an open and accessible architecture, our speech-to-text API is easy to integrate in 6 simple steps.  

As online and hybrid meetings become the standard, solution providers must consider if they’re in the best place to capitalize on this monumental growth. With easy integration of best-in-class speech-to-text, you’ll push your Unified Comms offering to the next level. Without it, you’ll be left behind.  

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