In her blog as CEO, Katy Wigdahl discusses how the growth mindset can be applied to fast-growth technology, the Paralympics, and even parenthood.

We are not there….yet: growth mindset in fast-growth tech

My 30-year career in the commercial world – from major global FMCG brands to fast-growth tech businesses has given me a fascinating insight into the applicability of management ‘theory.’ Trends rise and fall, initiatives, campaigns, and movements battle for cut-through. It is interesting to reflect on how they have affected how we think about and manage our own working […]


Choosing a speech-to-text provider doesn't have to be daunting. Read about what makes Speechmatics' speech recognition software a world leader.

Speech recognition software: Why Speechmatics is the most compelling choice

Choosing a speech recognition software provider can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Focusing on the important aspects of speech-to-text technology – and the providers that excel across all of them – will help product leaders make the right choice for their business. To make things easier, Speechmatics has produced […]

Read the blog to learn how Speechmatics is harnessing deep learning to provide the world's best speech-to-text software.

The ultimate guide to speech-to-text software

Unlocking the value of your data is crucial for business success in today’s competitive global marketplace. And audio data is a key ingredient. Analyzing contact center calls, for example, reveals hidden insights that can help improve the customer experience. But there is a common misconception that adding speech-to-text software to a product is a time-consuming […]


Pride month: Affirmation of allyship

Affirmation of Allyship

Pride Month has drawn to a close and as the pandemic has scuppered many Pride celebrations around the globe, I felt it even more important to encourage Speechmatics to show its allyship as an employer. I joined Speechmatics close to 6 years ago when it was in its relative infancy. The Leadership Team were different […]


3 voice technology applications that will provide the largest potential upside in 2021.

3 voice technology applications with the largest potential upside in 2021

Potential future applications of speech-to-text are limitless, according to the Speechmatics report on Trends and Predictions for Voice Technology in 2021. In the past year, we’ve seen how innovation has come to the rescue in the face of the global challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The wide adoption of technologies like web conferencing has […]


When you have significant growth potential, you don’t want to be constrained by capital or any other resource shortage. Read how we're keeping up with US deep tech companies despite having less investment.

Deep dive into deep tech: British Business Bank panel

Last week I was invited to take part in a panel hosted by the British Business Bank (BBB) as it launched its 7th annual Small Business Equity Tracker. Amongst the findings, the report showed that investment in the UK deep tech sector has grown significantly in the past five years, rising 291% to £2.3bn, but […]


Speech recognition challenges and how to overcome them

Speech recognition challenges and how to overcome them

Accuracy has been one of the main speech recognition challenges for many years – and a barrier to entry for many businesses. Historically, the technology hasn’t been considered good enough to adopt as an integral part of a workflow and technology stack. But that is simply not true anymore. Voice technology has now improved to […]


In my latest blog as CEO, I share my thoughts on why I believe Cambridge, UK is a hotbed for innovation, big thinkers and big ideas.

Big Thinking

This month I spoke to the Daily Telegraph’s James Cook and Morgan Meaker for an article they were writing about Cambridge – ‘Why Cambridge’s Silicon Fen is fast becoming Europe’s answer to California’. Whilst we are home to fewer celebrities and considerably less sunshine, it is true that Cambridge, England, home to the Speechmatics HQ, […]


In the last year, more companies have added voice technology to their product roadmaps and are considering voice in their 5-year strategy.

Will voice technology be on your post-COVID-19 product roadmap?

In the last year, more companies have adopted voice as part of their long-term strategies. And 65% of respondents in a survey for the Speechmatics report on Trends and Predictions for Voice Technology in 2021 said they would be considering voice in their 5-year strategy. Voice technology is reaching maturity and becoming more widespread and […]


There is no room for a ‘no, but…’ mindset and culture – only ‘yes, and…’, smart, ambitious people smashing through barriers.

Creating a ‘yes, and…’ culture

The evolving culture challenge in fast-growth businesses has been a hot topic for a number of years with whole consultancies now focusing their efforts around this sector. Growing from 10s to 100s or 1,000s of people, to multiple territories and often moving away from a ‘founder-led’ structure brings a huge amount of pressure to an […]