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ToolsOnAir transforms broadcasting with cutting-edge captioning technology

Enhanced accuracy, expanded language support, and unparalleled customer satisfaction propel ToolsOnAir to the forefront of live captioning solutions.

The Company

ToolsOnAir operates in media and broadcasting, providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers in the broadcast industry. They specialize in developing cutting-edge technologies, enhancing accessibility and efficiency of media production processes. In addition to their leading live captioning solution, just:CC, ToolsOnAir offers a range of other products tailored to the broadcast industry.

Their offering is tailored to broadcasters, production houses, and content creators. Empowering them to streamline their workflows, improve content provision, and deliver captivating media experiences to their audiences. ToolsOnAir brings a personal touch, fostering strong relationships with customers and prioritizing exceptional service across all their solution lines.

The Challenge

One of the prominent issues ToolsOnAir faced was the accuracy of their existing speech-to-text capabilities. Their "just:CC" product relied on converting audio into text, but the accuracy of this conversion was not up to standard when used in different language scenarios. Users encountered misinterpretation or incorrect transcriptions, which led to a frustrating user experience.

just:CC needed to address a diverse user base that communicated in various languages and accents. The existing speech-to-text functionality had limited language capabilities and struggled with accents or dialects outside its predefined language scope.

ToolsOnAir also faced scalability challenges. As their user base grew, the demand for accurate and efficient speech-to-text transcription increased significantly. The previous solution struggled to handle the expanding workload and did not deliver reliable results within reasonable turnaround times, lowering ToolsOnAir’s ability to meet customer expectations.

Why Speechmatics?

ToolsOnAir discovered Speechmatics as a leading speech-to-text provider through extensive research and evaluation of various options available in the market. After thorough consideration, ToolsOnAir chose to partner with Speechmatics because of their:

  • Reputation for exceptional accuracy and quality in speech recognition

  • Extensive language model support

  • Highly accurate real-time captions to customers, ensuring an inclusive and accessible experience.

The specific components that ToolsOnAir utilizes from Speechmatics are tailored to meet their unique needs.

The Solution

ToolsOnAir revolutionizes media operations with Speechmatics' tailored components. The API integration enables seamless real-time transcription in their just:CC caption generator, granting instant access to live captions.

Speechmatics' extensive language and translation technology accommodates diverse languages and accents, crucial for our global user base. Accurate transcription and caption generation across multiple language models ensure inclusivity and expand just:CC's reach.

The custom dictionary feature allowed ToolsOnAir to incorporate industry-specific terminology and jargon, improving the accuracy and contextual relevance of transcriptions for their users. Also, speaker diarization enabled differentiation of speakers in multi-speaker scenarios, enhancing the clarity and readability of the generated captions. This partnership not only enhanced the accuracy, efficiency, and versatility of ToolsOnAir's just:CC Live Caption solution but also positively impacted the accessibility and inclusivity of their product.

The Results

According to ToolsOnAir, since partnering with Speechmatics they have seen significant improvements, leading to a better service for their customers and a fruitful collaboration with Speechmatics on the roadmap of speech-to-text recognition for media and broadcasting.

ToolsOnAir have reported a substantial uplift in the accuracy and quality of the transcriptions provided by the just:CC Live Caption solution. They also have experienced a large increase in transcription precision, with a significant reduction in misinterpretations and errors.

The incorporation of Speechmatics' language capabilities has opened new markets for ToolsOnAir. The ability to transcribe and generate captions accurately across multiple languages has been instrumental in opening up global audiences and give the ability to serve diverse markets. ToolsOnAir credit this expansion in language support with increased market penetration, customer acquisition, and business growth.

Speechmatics has actively collaborated with ToolsOnAir on the roadmap of speech-to-text recognition for media and broadcasting, ensuring that their technology aligns with the evolving needs of the industry. This close partnership has allowed ToolsOnAir to stay at the forefront of speech-to-text innovation by offering cutting-edge solutions to their customers.

The combination of accurate transcriptions, extended language support, and continuous technological advancements has strengthened their position in the media and broadcasting industry.

Overall, the results achieved by ToolsOnAir since adopting Speechmatics' technology include improved transcription accuracy, expanded language support, increased market reach, and a strong collaborative partnership. These outcomes have contributed to a superior service to customers, enhanced their competitive advantage, and positioned them at the forefront of speech-to-text innovation in the media and broadcasting domain.

"The incorporation of Speechmatics' technology has led to a remarkable increase in transcription precision, with a significant reduction in errors."

Boris ProhaskaCEO, ToolsOnAir
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