91% of contact centers said that capturing voice data would be valuable to their organization

Transcribe call recordings and determine the sentiment of callers

Improving customer experience is a key objective for contact centers. Generating data based on customers’ experiences is, therefore, beneficial. However, obtaining this data is often a challenge. Contact centers are now using Speechmatics’ any-context speech recognition engine to generate accurate transcripts from calls. With voice data transformed into a text-based format, it can then be used for sentiment analytics as part of the wider offering, workflow, or solution.

To carry out effective sentiment analysis on customer voice data, an accurate transcript is required as its input before any analysis can begin. Therefore, sentiment analytics solutions rely solely on Speechmatics’ automatic speech recognition technology to convert customer interactions into text which can then be fed into emotional analytics engines.

By using automatic speech recognition as a key tool in any analytics solution, customer voice data can be analyzed to reveal which agent responses evoke positive emotions based on the tone, pitch, and frequency of the customer’s voice. Sentiment analysis is used to provide agents with the data they need to enhance the customer experience. It not only provides agents with data but also the wider organization to determine feelings about a situation, product, service, or brand.

Sentiment analysis provides agents and the wider organization with better data to determine feelings about a situation, product, service or brand.

Sentiment analysis provides opportunities to improve customer interactions

Sentiment helps organizations understand customer interactions at a level that can be used to evaluate, change and improve the perception of a brand, product, service or interaction. There is no better source of data than the voice of the customer and so capturing both what is said and how it is said, is valuable.

Accurate speech-to-text underpins the process of transforming the customer voice into a usable format for sentiment analysis engines. Even the best analytics systems and sentiment engines require the right input to reach their value potential.

Possible use cases for Sentiment Analysis

Improve interactions

Providing real-time insights into customer feelings enables agents to better manage expectations and emotions. Engagements and issues can be escalated to managers or specialized teams to ensure the call has a positive outcome.

Agent enrichment

Using sentiment analysis, agents can measure themselves against company and personal goals. They can identify areas for training and opportunities to implement new strategies to improve customer engagement and reducing customer churn.

Reputation monitoring

Sentiment analysis helps organizations with product, service and brand validation. It gives organizations quantifiable data about customers’ perceptions, enabling them to make informed campaign decisions through the evaluation of customer sentiment.

Benefits of Sentiment Analysis

Call routing

Make informed decisions within the interactive voice response (IVR), not only based on words but on speech acoustics and sentiment too.

  • Easily route the caller from a virtual assistant to a human agent based on sentiment and word-based triggers
  • Route the caller from an agent to a manager or specialized team better equipped to resolve particular issues
  • Better utilize emotional skills in the workforce to optimize issue resolution and customer engagement
  • Enable mood-based training for staff to better deal with challenging situations, such as unhappy or angry callers

Compliance and monitoring

For compliance and monitoring, it’s not always enough to rely strictly on the words used in a call. A better understanding of what was meant by the words by analyzing how customers said certain things is also important. Sentiment analysis provides a tool to identify truthful conversations, ensuring an organizations’ reputation is maintained and engagements comply with legislative rules.


Sentiment and emotional analysis enable accelerated issue and dispute resolution through a better understanding of a customers’ emotional state.

Sentiment analysis provides a tool to identify truthful conversations

Speechmatics works with Neuraswitch to deliver a CRM solution to intelligently understand conversations. The Salesforce-integrated platform captures calls, uses Speechmatics’ technology to transcribe these calls in real-time and then provides emotional analytics based on these transcripts for any situation to enhance customer satisfaction. Watch the webinar we hosted with them for improving CX using machine learning.

More ways contact centers are using Speechmatics


Locate and store recordings in text format.

  • Ensure data security
  • Rank recordings by relevance
  • Use guidance and alerting to prevent non-compliant behaviour

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Analytics and customer experience

React to customer signals in real time.

  • Gain live feedback from a caller
  • Accelerate issue resolution
  • Reduce customer call time

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Agent training

Unlock voice data from calls.

  • Identify dispute resolution best practices
  • Evaluate agent performance
  • Identify opportunities for agent training

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