Providing agents with useful data is a priority

For contact centres, agents are the first line to customers and are valued very highly. Providing agents with essential data both on their own brand and on customers is often a priority so that agents can do their jobs more effectively. Obtaining this data is often a challenge for contact centres. Instead, training often focuses on generalised messaging to improve the overall customer experience. Contact centres are adopting automatic speech recognition technology to capture previously untouched data stored within call recordings to develop new and more personalised training opportunities based on previous interactions with customers.

82% of contact centres have either adopted or are considering a voice strategy in the next five years

Speech-to-text provides significant efficiencies to this process by bringing training opportunities direct to the agent’s screen.

Transcribed calls can be easily searched for and used by contact centres

ASR enables contact centres to easily access and analyse calls by transforming them into text. Calls can then be searched for and organised based on outcomes and used to provide agents with important information. This includes, issue resolution best practices, which responses evoke positive reactions and even personal responses on a customer by customer basis. Deriving rich data in this format also enables contact centres to evaluate an agent’s performance helping to develop more personalised training objectives for each agent. All these things help to improve customer experience for the contact centre and increase the bottom line.

Train agents in real-time using speech-to-text transcription

As well as this, onboarding and training new agents has historically required significant time and effort to bring them up to speed with their workflows. Training strategies have often involved both shadowing senior team members and being shadowed to ensure that they are engaging with customers properly. Speech-to-text provides significant efficiencies to this process by bringing training opportunities direct to the agent’s screen. This not only frees up the time of senior team members, but also helps to equip agents with the information they need to offer best-in-class customer experiences.

91% of contact centers said that capturing voice data would be valuable to their organization

More ways contact centres are using Speechmatics


Locate and store recordings in text format.

  • Ensure data security
  • Rank recordings by relevance
  • Use guidance and alerting to prevent non-compliant behaviour

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Analytics and customer experience

React to customer signals in real time.

  • Gain live feedback from a caller
  • Accelerate issue resolution
  • Reduce customer call time

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Sentiment analysis

Extract emotion from voice data.

  • Determine to mood of customers
  • Ascertain which responses evoke positive emotions
  • Identify training opportunities

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