Generating valuable insights from contact center calls

The contact centre market is readily adopting automatic speech recognition technology to provide improved customer experience through voice data analytics.

Contact centers provide unrivalled customer experience using our speech recognition technology at the core of their business solutions:

  • The contact center market is using automated systems to help generate valuable business insights. Turning speech into text enables contact centers to analyse their audio content and understand the mood, tone and overall sentiment of customers, supporting continuous improvements in customer experience.
  • Contact centers are facing increased pressures from compliance regulation and must ensure the data security of all recordings. Speechmatics’ speech recognition capabilities enable contact centers to easily locate and replay stored recordings for a range of applications including dispute resolution, compliance, quality management and event reconstruction.

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Unlocking voice data using speech recognition for the contact center industry


With increasing pressures from compliance regulation to ensure the data security of all your recordings, now is a good a time as any to ensure that your house is in order, so to speak. By using Speechmatics’ automatic speech recognition (ASR) capabilities, you can easily locate and replay stored recordings, ranked by relevance and displayed as text summaries with search words highlighted automatically.

Using ASR, contact centers can automatically evaluate and then categorise every customer interaction into groups that are relevant to specific compliance regulations. A real-time ASR solution could also be used to help with compliance during the call by ensuring the correct things are being said based on guidance and alerting to prevent non-compliant behaviour.

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Liquid Voice is a leading provider of interaction recording, quality management and analytics.


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Sentient Machines uses Speechmatics to improve customer care operations for businesses.

Analytics and customer experience

Improving the customer experience is increasingly becoming the most challenging aspect of the contact center industry. With an improved customer experience comes agent empowerment. The need for analytics is essential.

Using Speechmatics’ speech-to-text technology, contact centers can intelligently route calls to specially trained agents to personalise caller interactions. Whether it’s to deliver a summary report with emotions and keywords that leads to more meaningful conversations, or a call center manager concerned with the bottom line who requires a snapshot of the data, the need for accurate transcription to understand conversations and react instantly is key.

Analytics not only empower agents to improve the customer experience, but they can also be used to provide value to the wider organisation. Analytics taken from customer interactions provides a wealth of information about the customer including how they feel and their experiences with the brand and product. This can be used for a number of activities such as evaluating the success of a particular marketing campaign, to make continuous improvements or track ROI. Analytics helps to understand the internal workforce, identify knowledge or training gaps and to roll out data driven programmes.

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Sentiment analysis

In contact centers, the customer experience is vital but it is often hard to generate specific data from customers about their experiences. Using highly accurate, any-context speech recognition from Speechmatics, contact centers transform voice data into a text-based format which can then be used for sentiment analytics as part of a wider offering, workflow or solution. To carry out effective sentiment analysis on customer voice data, an accurate transcript is required as its input before any analysis can begin. With ASR a key component in any analytics solution, contact centers can easily perform sentiment analysis of voice data to determine the mood of customers and which agent responses evoke positive emotions based on the tone, pitch and frequency of their voice.

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Neuraswitch uses Speechmatics’ any-context speech recognition to assist with call analytics and customer experience. Watch the webinar we hosted with them for improving CX using machine learning.

contact center agent training

Agent training

Agents are a contact centres’ greatest asset, so empowering them to do their jobs more effectively is key to business success. Agents provide significant value by delivering exceptional customer service. Contact centers can use speech-to-text to unlock previously untouched voice data from calls to provide agents with training opportunities. Transcripts can be used to identify how issues have been solved in the past to improve the customer journey and reduce interaction time.

By obtaining transcripts of calls, contact centers can easily access data and use it for compliance auditing, to accelerate dispute resolutions, and ultimately achieve a better customer experience.

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Advanced auditing to maintain compliance

Contact centers are under increased pressure to remain compliant and ensure that customers’ data is secure. Compared to the reliance on human activated compliance capabilities, contact centers are utilising Speechmatics’ advanced automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to deliver powerful and highly accurate transcripts of call recordings. The technology quickly and easily captures both words and numbers to provide secure and automated card capture and data auditing for compliance purposes.


interaction capture

Interaction capture

Empowering agents to do their jobs better by providing them with insightful data is a key objective for contact centers to achieve greater customer experience. Contact centers are adopting automatic speech recognition to unlock voice data captured in call recordings to enable agents to improve their customer service. ASR supports agents by delivering a transcript of calls in real-time, or from previous interactions, direct to their dashboards.

Contact centers can significantly accelerate resolution times by making customers’ interaction history accessible to agents. In the event of a dispute, providing agents with a transcript of the call history eliminates the requirement of the QA team to filter through and locate issues in call recordings. Providing an automatic transcript of an interaction capture enables the QA team to quickly evaluate the dispute and decide on the right course of action immediately. This inevitably frees up time for the QA team to focus on providing maximum value to the dispute resolution process.

Secure and automatic card capture

Contact center agent’s time is valuable and so optimising their time for them to focus on addressing customer issues is an ongoing challenge. Contact centers use speech recognition technology to save agents time by accelerating issues to a single exchange, or by alleviating their need to be present for low skill, high volume tasks such as processing payments.

When an agent is required to process a payment securely, customers can be redirected to a synthetic agent with an advanced number recognition model. This can then quickly and securely capture and process the customer payment with 100% compliance. Not only does this automated process save agents time, but it also helps to eliminate human error. Traditionally contact center agents paused recordings to prevent personal data from being captured. By integrating automated tools using Speechmatics’ speech-to-text capabilities, it removes the human element and provides a more secure capture capability from a compliance point of view.

credit card capture

knowledge lightbulb

Knowledge base

Contact centers record millions of hours of calls every year, but until recently, this data has been difficult to access and only used for special circumstances. Accessing call recordings requires specialist teams to extract data by listening to calls, making it a timely and costly process. The rise of AI and automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology in particular, means that data is now much more accessible in text form, making it easier to store, locate and access. ASR provides contact centers with a knowledge base from previous calls and interactions with customers.

When agents or customers need that extra bit of help, contact centers can access all the information that they require by passing recordings through a speech recognition system. Contact centers can provide agents with dispute resolution best practices by extracting topics, themes, and words from customer interactions. These best practices can then be indexed to deliver best-in-class support.

Real-time support for compliance

The contact center market is continuing to drive better interactions and safeguard their compliance responsibilities using cutting-edge technology. Contact centers use speech recognition to automatically evaluate and then categorise every customer interaction into specific groups that are relevant to various compliance regulations.

A real-time ASR solution can be used to assist agents with compliance during a call by providing guidance and alerts as to what they should and shouldn’t say. This helps to prevent the agent from behaving in a non-compliant way.

compliance support

Other uses of speech recognition for contact centres include:

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