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Apr 24, 2024 | Read time 4 min

Speechmatics teams up with to power transcription of online meetings in real-time

Making life easier for developers and businesses to extract insights from meetings.
Blair RobertsonAccount Executive

Automatically transcribe Zoom meetings in real-time

In a groundbreaking partnership, Speechmatics has teamed up with, to leverage insights from voice data during online meetings.

This collaboration with simplifies work for businesses and developers, making it effortless to extract actionable insights from meeting data and automate repetitive workflows - with just a few lines of code. offers a unified API that grants access to real-time meeting data across platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Today, they have partnered with Speechmatics to provide accurate transcription to 100+ global businesses.

By providing one simple API that integrates with multiple meeting platforms, developers save thousands of hours of engineering work as there is no need to build out each individual integration.

This unified approach not only reduces development time and maintenance costs but also accommodates both audio and video streams, even on platforms lacking a publicly accessible API.

Accurate transcription is critical to leveraging meeting insights

Founded in 2022, provides a unified API, to extract valuable data from virtual meetings. Through this new partnership with Speechmatics, users can perform the following tasks:

  • transcribe audio of real-time meetings

  • create speaker labels and diarization

  • calculate when each attendee spoke

  • accurately transcribe live key phrases and named entities

  • record when attendees joined or left the meeting allows developers to build on top of meeting data, and whilst it takes months to develop meeting bots in-house, companies can seamlessly integrate these capabilities in just a few days.

Taking transcriptions to the next level

At Speechmatics, we've always prioritized the accuracy of our transcriptions to help us on our mission to Understand Every Voice.

This commitment to accuracy has not merely been a competitive advantage, but a fundamental principle rooted in our belief that for speech to be valuable, it must mirror reality.

Through the Speechmatics integration,'s clients will now receive market leading accuracy for meeting transcriptions, in real-time.

We're delighted to partner with, whose vision to leverage voice data from meetings perfectly aligns with Speechmatics' own vision.

Next steps

To get started with the integration, get your Speechmatics API key by signing up to a free account, and grab your API key by booking a demo. If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

For more detail on how to transcribe meetings with the Speechmatics and integration, head to the tutorial on's website.

"We're delighted to partner with Speechmatics. This partnership will enable our customers easy access to Speechmatics' market-leading transcription services."

Amanda ZhuCOO,
Amanda Zhu

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