aiconix – AI technology enabler and solution provider for analysis and processing of audio-visual content.

Speechmatics, leaders in any-context speech recognition technology combines with aiconix, an AI-driven platform to enable users to analyze and index audio, video, images, and text files and convert them into precise metadata.

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The aiconix AI-driven platform features capabilities such as face recognition

Media matching in addition to live-streaming transcription and speech-to-text powered by Speechmatics. These capabilities generate new value to classical content management systems, digital asset management offerings, and other systems or individuals tasked with managing media assets. Together, Speechmatics and aiconix significantly accelerate media production processes, provide innovative data insights, and help increase monetization.

The problem with live subtitling

Companies that use live streaming require subtitles to provide barrier-free access and searchable content. Live streaming has become increasingly important in the past few years. The volume of audio and video streams online has grown significantly, however, lots of these streams cannot be searched, tagged or indexed due to the lack of subtitles. Subtitling live streams have historically been done by humans for post-broadcast – leaving the live stream inaccessible to many. More recently, strict regulations have been put in place to make online content accessible for those who are hard of hearing, deaf or situationally impaired. These regulations have helped to empower the adoption of speech-to-text for live subtitling.

How aiconix solves the problem

aiconix offers a solution using Speechmatics’ speech recognition engine to generate live subtitles within seconds of the video stream going live. By using the aiconix live editor, users can carry out a final check during live operation before the video and subtitles are streamed. As a second step, users can translate the generated subtitles into a different language. For industries with sensitive data, it is also possible to use the aiconix solution – supported by Speechmatics – in a customer-hosted private environment, ensuring no sensitive data ever leaves the customer’s secure domain.

What results can be achieved?

Creating barrier-free access to all streamed media through live and pre-recorded subtitles is possible using the aiconix solution. Aiconix is leveraging Speechmatics’ world-leading speech-to-text at its core to help organizations – from small content creators to enterprise giants – leverage the value of automated subtitling. The result – organizations can produce highly accurate automated subtitles all while reducing cost and simplifying workflows.

The Speechmatics and aiconix partnership

Built using machine learning, the Speechmatics engine provides fast and accurate automatic speech-to-text in over 30 languages. Speechmatics’ real-time capability enables aiconix to be fully automated, offering the highest quality live subtitles for streamed video and audio content. The aiconix solution allows users to test the accuracy of the speech recognition output in advance of a live streaming session. Users can make the most of Speechmatics’ Custom Dictionary feature to add industry-specific words, jargon or acronyms to the dictionary ahead of the live stream to uplift the accuracy.

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Speechmatics is the perfect partner for us. Their speech recognition solution is very accurate and delivers the high-quality result we need. Also, the personal support and quick response from their support team is excellent.

Eugen Gross

CEO & Founder at aiconix

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Read about our technology or sign up for free today. The ability to consume Speechmatics’ any-context speech recognition engine directly in the Microsoft Azure technology stack enables businesses to start using the technology quickly without barriers to adoption.

We work with great companies, read some of our partner case studies

We helped RedBee with our technology


We work with great companies, read some of our partner case studies

We helped RedBee with our technology

We helped 3PlayMedia with our technology

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