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Create Quality Video Content Using Speech-to-Text

Using the right speech-to-text vendor can help you produce quality video content whilst complying with access laws at scale and at a low cost.

Did You Know?

Udemy achieved 95% accuracy on their video content with Speechmatics’ speech-to-text API providing significant improvement in customer satisfaction and accessibility over other vendors.

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Use Only the Best

The increase of tighter rules and regulations around accessibility is driving necessary change. Fines for non-compliance due to lack of captioning (or poor-performing captions) can be crippling for commercial businesses that need a reliable and consistent output.

Speechmatics' speech-to-text is best-in-class for complying with access laws and keeping up with the growing demand for accessible video content.

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Key Benefits of Speech-to-Text

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Improve readability and accessibility of captions with complex punctuation.

Speechmatics' features – including Advanced Punctuation – make captioning as accurate and reflective of human emotion as possible.

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Confidently reduce costs for your customers and help them avoid costly fines with batch transcription for archived audio data.

Speechmatics can process an hour-long file in under 5 minutes, enabling vast amounts of data to be processed quickly at a fraction of the cost of human transcription.

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Provide fast-paced results for customers with low latency output.

Speechmatics process speech-to-text accurately and with speed – under 1 second output – making it perfect for live transcription situations.

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Secure your roadmap and reduce time to market with flexible, easy-to-integrate deployment options.

The only speech-to-text vendor on the market offering cloud and secure on-premises deployments in both real-time and for pre-recorded media.

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Differentiate with full inclusivity of accents, dialects, demographic, age, and gender across 48 languages.

Speechmatics supports over half of the world’s population.

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Create the tech stack that suits your business model.

Flexible with an open and accessible architecture, Speechmatics' API is easy to integrate in 6 simple steps.

“Selecting a vendor for your needs involves more than “just” looking at how well they execute the primary task at hand. Speechmatics Enhanced and Standard models are still clearly leading the way.”

Excerpt from Udemy’s speech-to-text vendor evaluation

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