Speech Intelligence

Speech technology for the AI era is here.

Speech is the world's most untapped resource. Time to use it.

Speech Intelligence is here.

Explore the latest breakthroughs in speech and AI, all built on category leading accuracy.

Transcribe, translate, interpret, analyze and understand the spoken word - in real-time - with Speech Intelligence.

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Far more than just transcription

Combine the best of Speech Technology with the latest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence.

Make audio the biggest driver of value for your business

Combining highly accurate automatic speech recognition (ASR) with the latest breakthroughs in AI and Large Language Models to interpret, analyze, and understand huge volumes of the spoken word.

Still not convinced? Let's break it down.

What is Speech Intelligence?

It's a combination of Speech and Artificial Intelligence.

Speech - this is the core foundational component of what we’re doing – looking to capture human speech, accurately, using cutting-edge technology and techniques. Our aim is to do this regardless of the language, dialect, or accent of the speaker(s) and turn this into intuitive, usable text. We understand that accuracy remains paramount in what we do – the more reflective of reality the transcript is, the better any subsequent value-driving activity will be.

Intelligence - this is the newer aspect of what we're aiming for. We now view transcription not as a goal in its own right, but as a first step. The subsequent steps are all about delivering value to businesses, using cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, LLMs, automation, innovative interfaces, and more. This step is active, value-driven, and closer to the end user.

How does it work?

1. Accurate, intuitable transcription in any language (speech-to-text).

These are the foundations upon which everything else rests. We will continue our work to accurately transcribe human speech using APIs, regardless of who is speaking and in whatever language or environment they are in. The aim here is to be as accurate as possible and ensure that the transcript is easy to understand.

2. Speech capabilities built on top of transcribed audio, which can be applied to one (or more) transcripts.

If step 1 is all about recording speech data, then this step asks 'now, what can we do with this?'. Speech capabilities involve transforming transcripts, be that via translation, or a grouping of capabilities known elsewhere as speech understanding (which includes things like summarization, sentiment analysis, and anything that looks to either understand or interpret the transcript).   

3. Solutions built as bundles of capabilities for customers.

Given the breadth of ways that speech data can be used, this step represents our effort to build more user-facing applications or solutions for a specific segment of our customers. 

Can I test it? How much will it cost?

Absolutely yes, you can test us out!

You can get started now - for free, without code, and get 8 hours of Speech Intelligence every month.

What are the key benefits of Speech Intelligence?

Combining highly accurate speech recognition with the latest breakthroughs in AI and Large Language Models, you can interpret, analyze, and understand huge volumes of the spoken word to: 

  • Drive customer insights,

  • Unlock global translation, and

  • Understand speech across multiple languages.

Transform your audio and media data into one of the biggest value-driving assets you have

Book a meeting with one of our specialists to learn how you can unlock the value within speech.