Taming the Deep Learning Beast, Hands on with PyTorch

Posted on 10.6.2019

Last week, we attended the Cambridge Python User Group Meetup at the Raspberry Pi offices on Hills Road in Cambridge. The Python meetup is a great place for people of all levels of Python knowledge to come together to learn more about the programming language and meet other like-minded people. The sessions are usually arranged on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.00pm. This month, I led a workshop for the 70 attendees titled ‘Taming the Deep Learning Beast: Hands on with PyTorch’. In the session, attendees built and trained an image classifier using the deep learning framework PyTorch.

The overall aim of the session was for attendees to leave with a decent understanding of what ‘training a model’ actually means in the context of deep learning.

We used PyTorch as it a great tool which combines the power of the most advanced deep learning frameworks with an intuitive, pythonic API that makes writing machine learning code a pleasure and not a pain. It was really rewarding to give this workshop to a room full of eager participants who, I hope, enjoyed the session. By using Google Colab, every participant was able to train their models on a GPU without any hassle of installing the appropriate libraries. All I had to do was share a URL! We had lots of great questions both during and after the presentation.

What did I learn?

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