Speechmatics launches Czech Republic office

Posted on 20.11.2019

A brief history of my role at Speechmatics

My internship turned out really well and my expertise was a great match with the company. I soon became a full-time employee of Speechmatics. In the next year, I worked on various projects, such as an Android app, custom implementation of a decoder and internal tooling for neural network training. It was quite challenging but exploring new problems and new technologies is something that I enjoy and is something I get to experience regularly while working at Speechmatics.


After my extended stay in Cambridge

As the company grew, so too did the number of meetings and day-to-day calls. The shared office environment didn’t suit me anymore, so I started working from home. That was great and lasted for more than three years. During those three years, there was talk of opening up a Speechmatics office in Brno. Meanwhile, the company grew from 8 employees to well over 80, received several rounds of funding, and now plans to grow even more.

Over the last couple of years, Speechmatics has become more professional in its approach and moved from a small office space filled with various workstations with many GPUs to a much larger two-story office building. We also moved to our own externally hosted small server-grade computational cluster. Now, we’re looking to grow even more and expanding into the Czech Republic for its talent pool seemed only natural.

Now, in the Czech Republic

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