Single Sign On, Sri’s experience of using Golang

Posted on 30.5.2020

Last week, we welcomed the Cambridge programming community to Speechmatics’ offices in Cambridge where we host our monthly Go Meetups. Speechmatics’ Go Meetup is a chance for people interested in Go to come together in Cambridge and share their experiences of using the programming language. It’s a way to learn best practices and ask open questions in a collaborative and informal environment.

This month, we were delighted to welcome Sri Prasanna of Worldpay UK to speak about Single Sign On (SSO) and outline his own experiences of using Go.

Sri discussed some of the reasons why he uses oAuth2_proxy for SSO, explaining that it is well supported, has a lightweight and stateless implementation, works well as nginx ‘auth_request’ module, and is also feature rich, amongst other reasons.

We had a great discussion this month and I’d like to thank Sri and all of the attendees for coming along and sharing ideas. I’d also like to give a special mention to JetBrains for providing raffle prizes each month in the form of a year’s license to any of their products. A special thanks also to GoBridge (through William Kennedy) for sponsoring the Meetup fees. If you’re interested in Go and want to get involved in our community, why not join the Cambridge Gophers on Meetup? We’re also always on the lookout for speakers for future Meetups, so if you’re interested in sharing your experiences, get in touch! Michel Hollands, Speechmatics

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