The Best Speech-to-Text Software: Speechmatics Vs. Google

Discover why Speechmatics' speech recognition is the best product on the market

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Why Speechmatics is better than Google

Switching to Speechmatics is Easy - Column 1

Data & Privacy

Speechmatics offers a more considered approach to data security and privacy, without the need to store customer audio and with options to deploy on-premises without the need for cloud hosting.

Switching to Speechmatics is Easy - Column 2

Languages & Coverage

Speechmatics offers fewer languages than Google but has made all core features available for all 50 languages. Speechmatics also offers Global language models for English and Spanish.

Switching to Speechmatics is Easy - Column 3

Product Features

Speechmatics offers a superior set of product features, balancing automated features out of the box with the ability to expand functionality with additional configuration, rather than locking options down.

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