Product - Audio Events

AI-labelled Audio Events

Improve accessibility & fully-automate tedious captioning by identifying and labelling non-speech sounds in media, using AI.

Effortless inclusivity

Integrate Audio Events into your product with a single API call, and create inclusive content.

Increase accessibility

Use cutting edge AI to pave the way for more inclusive and accessible media content across the globe.

Reduce effort

Capture and transcribe both verbal and non-speech sounds such as music, laughter, and applause, with a single API call.

Automate everything

Create inclusive media at scale with fully automated caption generation, giving your audience the full spectrum of auditory experiences.

Understanding more than speech

There is more to understanding speech than just transcribing the words spoken.


Ground-breaking technology identifying audio events within media, including timings. Available across batch transcription, and real-time modes for both SaaS and on-prem deployments

Three classes of audio event

Three primary audio classes are detected: music, laughter, and applause. These were chosen for their significant impact on audience experience.

The future of captions?

A sneak peek at ground-breaking technology we’re working on to take this to the next level.

Useful across industries

Use Case


Create inclusive content and stay compliant without the high costs and time-consuming processes associated with generating accurate and comprehensive media captions.

Use Case

Media Intelligence

Automatically detect when music is playing on radio or television channels. Identify laughter and applause to gain additional insights into the reactions to the media content.


Understanding more than just words

Discover how Audio Events can transform your content analysis, media analytics and accessibility efforts.

Feel ready to give some [Applause]?

Get in touch with our team to find out more about integrating Audio Events into your product.


How much does it cost?

This feature is available for all customers at no extra cost.

What deployments are Audio Events available on?

It is available for batch and real-time modes for both SaaS and on-prem deployments.

What audio events are supported?

Music, laughter, and applause.

Do you have any further information on audio events?

Of course!

Check out our blog revealing how the Audio Events feature can transform your content analysis, media analytics and accessibility efforts.