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Dec 13, 2017 | Read time 1 min

Zero to ASR in 3 simple steps

Like many people you may have assumed that deploying your own speech recognition system is difficult and complex, but it’s time to rethink that.

Speechmatics is a leading ASR provider and we are making deploying a complete automatic speech recognition system about as simple as it can get, giving you back control and the freedom to operate away from cloud services keeping fast, easy, private and secure services within your own control. You can deploy it in under 10 minutes – and most of that time is importing a file.

So how do we do it

We are delivering our Real-Time engine as a Virtual Appliance. It really is as simple as ABC ... A. Import the Virtual Appliance into your VMWare hypervisor B. Select the language that you want to transcribe C. Start to transcribe your audio stream

Is that it?

Yes! You really can take Speech Recognition to where it’s needed without needing to worry about bandwidth and patchy internet connectivity. Whilst reducing the things you need to worry about and helping you keep your business running smoothly with one less set of connectivity issues to worry about.

Just one more thing

Did I tell you that its available in many languages too. We are industry-leading in language coverage and are initially offering the Real-Time Virtual Appliance in English (GB, US, AU), Dutch, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese.

What’s the catch

Well we don’t think that there is one, why not contact us on or go to to find out more about this and our other offerings from Speechmatics.

Ian Firth, Speechmatics

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