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Sep 5, 2018 | Read time 1 min

What’s in a trademark?

When referring to names that are trademarked it can be important to display this. The use of the trademark symbol enables others to respect and not infringe on intellectual property, deterring them from attempting to use the name or mark for their own business, preventing confusion in the marketplace about the identity of a product or service.

Why is it tricky to get right?

Remembering to add the ™ or ® symbols to the end of a name every time can be difficult, and editing afterwards can be painful.  Do you know where the ™ or ® symbols are on your keyboard? Seeing as there are web pages dedicated to helping with this, my guess is that many people do not (myself included...).

Can Speech Recognition fix that too?

The Custom Dictionary feature in Speechmatics ASR products can help add words to the dictionary by providing just a little context to help the ASR along. However, seeing as the ™ symbol does not adjust the way a word is spoken it will not help that case. But all is not lost, Speechmatics can help you here too.

Watch this space for our newest feature addition, coming soon…

Watch the example below!

Ian Firth, Speechmatics