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Aug 10, 2021 | Read time 4 min

The ultimate guide to speech-to-text software

Read the blog to learn how Speechmatics is harnessing deep learning to provide the world's best speech-to-text software.

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Unlocking the value of your data is crucial for business success in today’s competitive global marketplace. And audio data is a key ingredient. Analyzing contact center calls, for example, reveals hidden insights that can help improve the customer experience. But there is a common misconception that adding speech-to-text software to a product is a time-consuming and difficult task. Speechmatics is on a mission to debunk that myth – and has produced a guide to the different aspects of speech recognition that product leaders should look out for.

The Ultimate Guide to Speech-to-Text Technology also explains who we are and what we do, how we differ from our competitors – and what makes our speech-to-text engine a world leader.

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How machine learning and neural networks are powering accurate speech recognition

If you’ve been following our story, you’ll know that Speechmatics pioneered the approach of applying neural networks to speech recognition back in the 1980s. The huge rise in computing power, graphics processing and cloud computing since then means speech-to-text technology is now poised to transform the way companies work. Tedious and laborious tasks can be automated, and new value can be extracted from both live and recorded media. To tackle the challenges of speech recognition, Speechmatics is harnessing machine learning and neural networks to power applications that require mission-critical, accurate speech-to-text transcription. Our speech-to-text software unlocks meaning and insight from data at scale – we process millions of hours of transcription per month. And our any-context technology adapts as our customers change and grow. We offer robust, scalable and flexible control of your data. Our speech recognition engine has the flexibility to be deployed whenever and wherever your business needs it to, so you can keep control over personal or sensitive data. You also benefit from accurate speech recognition, regardless of your accent – with our Global English and Global Spanish language packs supporting all major accents in one model.

Discover how speech-to-text software can transform your business

Your spoken data wants to be understood. It’s time to use accurate, easy-to-integrate speech recognition technology to unlock the value in your voice data. Speech-to-text software is just the beginning – integrating it into your workflows and systems is easy and leads to accurate indexing, analysis and keyword detection, as well as better overall management of your voice data. See how speech-to-text software is making a difference: Media & Entertainment The global media & entertainment market is adopting automatic speech recognition technology for live and archived content. Keyword triggers can be set for media monitoring, audio recordings are transformed into searchable transcriptions for media asset management, and live or pre-recorded subtitling can be used in broadcast scenarios. Voice-to-text is bringing automation to media workflows. Contact Centers Gathering insights from contact center calls has become crucial. Converting call recordings into text enables analysis of audio content to understand the mood, tone and overall sentiment of customers – supporting continuous improvements in customer experience. The searchable content generated can also be used for dispute resolution, compliance, quality management and event reconstruction. Compliance Legislation is increasing the need to keep data secure. Businesses are using speech recognition technology to help with compliance and risk management, regulatory intelligence and reporting, and identity and fraud management. Creating transcriptions of call recordings provides searchable content for auditing and compliance, as well as yielding valuable business insights, saving companies time, money and protecting brand reputation. Transcription With speech-to-text software, transcribing an interview, a conference or a corporate video is as easy as uploading an audio file and receiving an accurate transcript in minutes. For companies providing transcription services, speech recognition technology also enables the provision of features such as speaker identification, adjustable timestamps and a customizable dictionary to their customers.

Why Speechmatics is the smart choice for speech-to-text software

Our speech-to-text software can be used on-premises – ensuring data remains within your private environment – with your choice of cloud provider or using Speechmatics’ cloud offering. You’ll be using a robust and scalable platform that allows for growth as your business expands. As well as flexible deployment, our speech recognition technology includes precise timecodes for faster transcript searches, advanced punctuation built on over 2.5 billion words, and a custom dictionary and sounds feature to enhance transcription accuracy. Speechmatics also supports an extensive set of file formats – so you don’t have to worry about converting files to suit our requirements. Speechmatics works at the cutting-edge of artificial intelligence, neural networks, machine learning and language networks. It means our speech-to-text software is constantly evolving to provide industry-leading accuracy and performance. And our deep learning expertize ensures our algorithms remain at the forefront of automatic speech recognition development. For more information, download The Ultimate Guide to Speech-to-Text Technology.

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