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Apr 27, 2020 | Read time 3 min

Speed-up dispute resolution to improve customer experience

Accurate transcription of voice data using any-context speech recognition enables enterprise businesses to understand insights automatically.
Contact centers strive for first call resolution

Customer experience is vital for contact centers. Contact centers can ensure a good customer experience by speeding up dispute calls and achieving first call resolution.

Research from Magnetic North revealed that 71% of customers would consider moving to a competitor if they had to repeat their query to multiple contact center agents.

They also found that 32% of customers would go to a competitor immediately if the business did not meet their expectations for response time. The impact of bad customer experience costs UK brands £234 billion a year in lost sales.

Speeding up issue resolution enables brands to improve customer experience by eliminating the bad experiences associated with slow response time and dealing with multiple agents trying to solve the same issue.

Speed-up dispute resolution and improve customer experience

Resolving customer disputes over multiple calls damages the customer experience and the perception on the brand. Research from Atlassian indicates that customer satisfaction drops by 15% each time a customer has to call back to resolve their issue.

It is, therefore, imperative to understand why customers aren’t happy. This understanding helps to speed-up the dispute process or eliminate it altogether.

Voice technology enables contact centers to understand the root causes of issues which helps to inform best practices. Agents can then achieve first contact resolution, keep customers from churning and improve their overall experience.

First contact resolution

Contact centers strive for a first call resolution. They understand that customer satisfaction diminishes rapidly with more interactions. Voice technology helps contact centers speed-up their issue resolution to a single exchange. It does this by transforming voice data into text to feed into analytics solutions to get a full picture of customer and agent interactions.

Voice technology enables contact centers to analyze the voice of the customer to understand their journey, pain points and to identify behavioral patterns. For example, if a brand understands that customers are happy when purchasing but then unhappy with the delivery method of the product, they can make the necessary changes to the delivery to enhance satisfaction.

Finding patterns and trends means that issues can be solved instantly, helping brands achieve first contact resolution. Voice technology enables companies to consolidate interactions across all customer touchpoints to provide a wealth of metadata rich information. This information is used in analytics to solve customer issues throughout their journey.

Analytics underpins customer understanding

Analytics of customer interactions helps contact centers identify root causes of issues and customer pain points, which can be used to speed-up issue resolution. First contact resolution can then be achieved, and customer satisfaction improved significantly.

In fact, PwC claims that 32% of customers would consider leaving a brand they loved after just one poor experience. It is essential for contact centers to avoid giving customers that opportunity.

By transforming all call data into text, contact centers can consolidate call data with other data obtained from omni-channel sources such as SMS and email. This text data can be fed into an analytics solution to capture a full picture of the customer. Evaluating insights across the customer journey enables organizations to analyze and identify trends and patterns to identify customer issues and stop them before they happen or equip agents with the necessary tools to achieve first call resolution.

Conclusion: Improving customer experience by speeding-up dispute resolution

Contact centers recognize the ramifications of offering bad experiences to their customers. Providing great experiences is one thing, but avoiding bad experiences is also essential. The impact of providing bad experiences costs billions of pounds in lost sales and significantly decreases customer satisfaction.

By converting all call data into text and feeding this into analytics solutions, contact centers can get a true understanding of customer pain points and root causes of issues. Voice technology enables contact centers to speed-up dispute processes and achieve first call resolutions.