Speechmatics celebrate what was one of the most exciting finals of the Rio Olympics, the Team GB win over the Netherlands at Hockey, by releasing our brand new Dutch language capability. In common with the plethora of new language capability delivered by Speechmatics over the last few months, our Dutch language was created using Auto-Auto, our unique and leading-edge technology that allows for rapid delivery of new and variant languages using minimal data and human input.

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Our Dutch language pack was trained using a broad range of training material which helps deliver a highly accurate and robust Speech Recognition capability across a wide range of use-cases, including call-centre calls, in-car commands, dictation on smartphones through to content discovery within audio and video broadcast material. Speechmatics look forward to adding a new language every two weeks to our portfolio, a feat which is unrivalled in the ASR industry and only possible because of our continuing research and development of leading edge Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning techniques.

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