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Sep 6, 2017 | Read time 2 min

Speechmatics launches its Real-Time Virtual Appliance to bring the captioning market up to speed

With the Real-Time Virtual Appliance, users are able to plug Speechmatics’ new software directly into an audio stream and get instantaneous real-time transcription.

Today, Speechmatics is announcing its new Real-Time Virtual Appliance that will improve Automatic Speech Recognition across the industry. The software has been created with the intention of building the best speech technology for any application, anywhere, in any language. Whilst continuous transcription technology has come a long way, current offerings aren’t versatile enough to perform effectively across a range of criteria.

Whether this is higher levels of accuracy, automation or an inability to display an ongoing, current conversation with low latency. Due to these failings, current technologies are therefore useless in situations where real-time awareness is required.

Speechmatics’ technology has been built from the ground up to offer the same capabilities in real-time as it already does in the batch cloud transcription service, something currently unrivalled in the market. To increase accuracy further, Speechmatics’ Real-Time Virtual Appliance adjusts words as the context within a sentence becomes clearer. Users can adjust the balance between delay and accuracy and also use Speechmatics dynamic transcript parameters to achieve the best accuracy possible to meet their specific needs. This flexibility allows Speechmatics’ technology to be used in everything from transcribing speeches to bulletins, improving on the current captioning standards whilst retaining the familiar, continuous stream style. With customers able to embed the Speechmatics’ virtual appliance directly into their infrastructure, there is no reliance on the cloud. Data can be delivered within their own network at all times, enabling external issues that may affect latency to be minimised, giving businesses full control. Minimal technical resources are needed to operate the Speechmatics Real-Time Appliance.

Other key features:

  • Consumer-friendly requirements

  • As low as 6GB Ram and 10GB storage

  • Highly secure, no data is held on Speechmatics’ systems

  • Easy to maintain and update

Speechmatics’ Real-Time Virtual Appliance will be demoed at IBC 2017 in Hall 8, Stand C23.

Cloud-based demos are also available here. It will be commercially available later this year, with licensing available on a per stream or per hour basis.

Editor’s notes: High-resolution images, logos and headshots can be found here. About Speechmatics Speechmatics’ versatile automatic speech recognition technology, based on decades of research and experience in neural networks, is enabling world-leading companies to power a speech-enabled future.

Having already transcribed millions of hours of audio and helped customers across a diverse range of use cases and applications, the team’s mission is to build the best speech technology for any application, anywhere, in any language and put speech back at the heart of communication. For more information, please visit our website. PR Contact Daria Gerasimova at Dynamo Mobile: +44 7462 544 041 Email: Skype: gerasimova.daria