Speechmatics bolsters its world-leading technology with Real-Time SaaS API

Posted on 1.11.2022

Rollout greatly lowers barrier to entry for smaller businesses, making cloud-based speech-to-text more accessible and inclusive.

Speechmatics, the world’s leading speech-to-text API scaleup, has launched its Real-Time SaaS API, enabling customers to incorporate real-time transcription into their operations using the cloud.

Real-time transcription, and in particular accurate real-time transcription, has often only been for enterprise-level businesses, with large-scale rollouts. Real-Time SaaS is now available for integration through the Speechmatics self-service portal, which greatly lowers the barriers to entry for SME customers, as they no longer need to build and manage their own infrastructure. This comes as real-time speech-to-text services have historically been riddled with errors and a substandard output has come to be accepted as the norm for real-time services and applications.

Effective real-time captioning is essential for a range of applications, such as a sports event, or live streaming meetings. Speechmatics’ Real-Time SaaS does not compromise on accuracy, providing the same quality of transcription as Batch (pre-recorded media files). It also offers a sliding scale, where customers can balance speed with accuracy to meet their specific needs - no other major real-time speech-to-text provider offers this. This rollout enables deployments of any size, from individual streams to major enterprises.

Owen O’Loan, Product Manager, Speechmatics comments: “Real-Time SaaS for speech-to-text is a step towards removing regulatory and compliance bureaucracy from speech-to-text operations and accelerating customers’ cloud transformations. We want everyone to be able to access high-quality speech-to-text services wherever they need them and with our unique sliding scale for balancing speed with accuracy, our real-time offering is highly adaptable unlike other players in the industry. I’m excited to see the impact this has for our customers and our customers’ customers, as the benefits will be tangible for end users in a host of applications”.

“Speechmatics’ SaaS offering has enabled us to continue fulfilling our mission of access by allowing NCI to easily scale the use of our proprietary ASR captioning service CaptionSentry,” explained Meredith Patterson, Senior VP of Operations and COO at the National Captioning Institute. “Although NCI is engine-agile and is committed to using multiple engines as technology evolves and improves, Speechmatics’ SaaS API is currently one of the best options we’ve encountered, and we are very pleased with its results and our partnership.”

Speechmatics already offers Real-Time and Batch on-premises (Containers and Virtual Appliances). The new Real-Time SaaS API is additive to the already available Batch API in the cloud with hybrid deployment now available for both.

Try Speechmatics for free today using our self-service portal. You can simply demo our real-time transcription in your web browser or integrate quickly using our Python library.

Speechmatics will be attending Web Summit 2022 and CEO, Katy Wigdahl will be speaking on the Growth Summit stage on 03/11 at 13:24 GMT.

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