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Dec 18, 2019 | Read time 3 min

Speechmatics and Vonage partner to offer real-time transcription to customers

Speechmatics is partnering with Vonage to provide real-time transcription to joint customers and to improve customer experience (CX) by turning interactions into valuable insights.
By creating easily accessible call history and real-time conversation analytics, customer service departments are able to search for call transcriptions with greater ease and minimal effort to get to the exact text that is needed to address customer inquiries.

Speechmatics, leaders in machine learning and automatic speech recognition (ASR), is partnering with Vonage to provide real-time transcription to joint customers.

The partnership improves customer experience (CX) by turning omnichannel customer interactions into valuable insights. Analytics and interaction history reports from phone calls improve future customer interactions and adds simplicity to call management. To compete in the current customer communications landscape, businesses need to better equip themselves to meet the needs of their customers in a more relevant and seamless manner. Providing more personalized customer service leads to strengthened customer engagement and, ultimately, an increased bottom line.

In addition, with transcription, companies are empowered to manage customer issues and disputes more efficiently without having to pass on to an internalized resolution center. This approach also enables agents to build training for future customer and call management. Automatic speech recognition (ASR) plus Vonage’s API platform is the future solution for the customer service marketplace. As businesses grasp the growing value of collecting more comprehensive data to meet customers’ needs, the ability to draw transcription data that can not only be utilized for upgraded customer service and compliance but that can also achieve beneficial business insights, will help to decrease overall operational costs and boost the quality of service.

Mark Summerson, Global VP API Partners said:

“Automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology adds tremendous value to the Vonage API Platform, taking voice and turning it into actionable customer insights and data. With partners like Speechmatics, we are giving our customers access to highly accurate speech-to-text, and high quality, real-time transcription functionality. Speechmatics is continually improving and innovating its solution to ensure it meets the needs of its customers, which will give our customers and other partners high confidence in their technology.”

Jeff Palmer, VP Sales at Speechmatics said:

“Voice data holds the key to so much value. Tapping into the data adds significant value to the efficiency of businesses but also to the customer experience. Vonage’s API Platform offers a rich set of programmable communications building blocks, which are easily augmented by partner offerings such as Speechmatics’ ASR capabilities. Only in the last few years has speech-to-text technology become accurate enough for businesses to truly utilize and incorporate it as part of their business workflows.”

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