Speechmatics’ Machine Learning Engineer, Will Williams, teamed up with Red Bee Media’s Emerging Technology Lead in Access Services, Hewson Maxwell, at IBC 2018 to discuss subtitling perfection and whether it will ever be possible using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) on the IABM Future Trends stage.

The presentation comprised of an overview of the challenges we face when deploying ASR for subtitling pre-recorded or live content. The three main challenges that experts Will and Hewson discussed included dealing with uncommon vocabulary, issues with punctuation and the use of specific dialects and accents. The technology duo carefully deconstructed and explained the issues that the industry are still facing when it comes to ASR and how machine learning and speech experts are striving to overcome these key issues. The presentation was a huge success and we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a joint Webinar that will be a deep dive into the topic of subtitling perfection when using ASR. The Webinar will be held on 17 October at 3:00 PM (BST) with Will and Hewson. Interested in joining the Webinar to learn more about subtitling perfection using ASR? Register here.