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Aug 17, 2021 | Read time 4 min

Speech recognition software: Why Speechmatics is the most compelling choice

Choosing a speech-to-text provider doesn't have to be daunting. Read more about what makes Speechmatics' speech recognition software world leading.
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Choosing a speech recognition software provider can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Focusing on the important aspects of speech-to-text technology – and the providers that excel across all of them – will help product leaders make the right choice for their business. To make things easier, Speechmatics has produced The Ultimate Guide to Speech-to-Text Technology. As well as outlining the speech-to-text aspects to look out for, the guide explains who we are and what we do, how we differ from our competitors – and what makes our speech-to-text engine a world leader.

Harnessing machine learning to lead the way in speech recognition languages

Speechmatics is a spin-out of Cambridge – a world-renowned hub of excellence and deep technology. We’re on a mission to make voice inclusive and accessible to everyone in the world, regardless of gender, ethnic background, orientation or nationality. Speechmatics believes in excellence. We believe in innovation, breaking the mould and trying new things, new approaches. Our expertize in deep learning is unlocking some truly world-beating applications underpinned by speech-to-text software.

How Speechmatics is different from other speech-to-text providers

Accuracy and speed Consistently low word error rate across all languages and use cases. Language and coverage Industry-leading languages, accents and dialects coverage. Deployment and scalability Use speech-to-text technology in real-time or with pre-recorded files, in the cloud or securely on-premises. Data privacy and compliance Efficient and effective indexing of interactions at scale to enhance record keeping. Innovation and insight We use machine learning and AI to deliver value to your products and platforms.

Speechmatics supports the languages you do business in

We cover more than 30 different speech recognition languages – from Arabic and Bulgarian through Japanese and Mandarin to Swedish and Turkish. Voice technology languages in the next three years And we make sure you don’t have to adjust the way you speak to be understood. Australian English, American English, Jamaican English, African English – with our speech recognition technology, you don’t have to choose. Simply select our Global English language pack which supports all major English accents. It’s been trained on thousands of hours of spoken data from more than 40 countries and tens of billions of words drawn from global sources. With approximately 500 million speakers globally, Spanish is the second most natively spoken language in the world and fourth most spoken language overall. So, we’ve also developed a Global Spanish language pack which supports all major Spanish accents.

Unrivaled accuracy makes Speechmatics the clear winner in speech-to-text technology

We use deep learning to continually push the boundaries of speech recognition software and stay one jump ahead of our competitors. These are the results we’ve seen: Speech-to-text accuracy graph Robust, scalable speech-to-text technology with flexible deployment We offer robust, scalable and flexible control of your data. Our speech recognition software has the flexibility to be deployed whenever and wherever your business needs it to so you can keep control over personal or sensitive data. Our deployment options are available for either pre-recorded or real-time media files: Speechmatics’ cloud offering Speechmatics’ cloud offering is a fully managed service delivering all the benefits of our speech-to-text technology without the complexities of deploying with your own team and environment. Accelerate your time to market with a fully supported and secure service with instant access to all new features, speech recognition languages and updates. On-premises Our on-premises option enables the transcription of latency or security sensitive media files in your own secure environment or within public cloud environments as part of an existing cloud strategy. Public cloud Speechmatics’ public cloud is agnostic to any cloud environment and supports virtual appliances for both pre-recorded and real-time use cases. This provides the flexibility for our speech-to-text technology to be integrated into your existing cloud strategy, as well as an on-premises deployment model. Hybrid Our hybrid deployment supports both real-time requirements and pre-recorded files that need transcribing. It also supports a mixture of data requirements that need some cloud and some on-premises processing.

Let the power of speech unlock the hidden value in your business.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your speech-to-text journey – powered by machine learning – what are you waiting for? Get in touch or download The Ultimate Guide to Speech-to-Text Technology.