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Jan 20, 2020 | Read time 1 min

Showcasing machine learning research at the AI Summit in New York

The Speechmatics team attended the AI Summit in New York showcasing our latest developments in machine learning as well as speaking in a panel about how speech technology is evolving.
This was our first year exhibiting at the AI Summit New York and it did not disappoint. We were inundated with exciting projects, use-cases and businesses that are looking to innovate with voice now and in the future.

Last week, some of the Speechmatics team attended the AI Summit 2019 in New York with a booth to showcase our latest developments in machine learning as well as taking part in a panel session about how speech technology is evolving. The AI Summit brings together a cross-section of the most influential stakeholders from across the organization, at every stage of the AI project cycle. It is a chance to engage with industry experts and key decision-makers in such a progressive industry.

It is also a great opportunity for knowledge sharing and education with an abundance of keynotes and panel sessions for key leaders from all industries.

We showcased our current product with all our latest features such as Advanced Punctuation, Custom Dictionary and Global English. Alongside our current product demonstration, we also showcased some of the development work our machine learning team have been researching and developing. This included our recent advances in language identification and speaker change. On the first day of the show, we were lucky enough to get snow in New York! It’s fair to say it was quite cold, but we were excited to get to the show to start talking about our capabilities and how we differentiate against our competitors. We were also looking forward to seeing Sam Ringer, Machine Learning Engineer at Speechmatics, talking on a panel on “AI and ML Enabled Speech Technology – Exploring The Latest Disruptions in The Space and Their Implications for Users”. It’s safe to say we had a really successful event, well organised with fantastic attendees and conversations. This event is crucial for increasing the understanding and knowledge within this industry that has been growing exponentially year-on-year. Businesses are now recognising how the technological advances in this space can truly revolutionise their workflows and customer experiences. Georgina Robertson, Speechmatics