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Apr 10, 2024 | Read time 1 min

Our visuals have changed, but our mission has not.

Our new visual brand embodies our place at the forefront of the AI space.
Lauren KingVP Marketing

Say hello to a new Speechmatics brand

We’re excited today to release a new visual brand for Speechmatics.

Last Spring we released Ursa, our market-leading speech engine. Since then, we’ve added new languages, new capabilities, and refined our vision for Speech Intelligence and seamless verbal interaction with technology.

Speech will continue to feature as a foundational element of the LLM tech stack, with Speechmatics leading the way as the most accurate, inclusive and innovative within the space. Now we have a brand that truly reflects this.

In developing this brand, we wanted to ensure that we captured what our customers most value about Speechmatics, namely:

  • That Speechmatics is the trusted choice in market. For those looking to integrate the best technology and with customer enablement that is second to none.

  • That we continue to stay true to our mission of “Understanding Every Voice”. Our technology is engineered to empower as large a group of end users as possible, regardless of accent, dialect, gender, age or socio-economic background.

  • That through continuous innovation, we enable our customers to successfully develop & scale speech use cases across their respective industries. We provide the cutting-edge speech technology, so they can focus on growth.

With these aims in mind, we’ve now completed an almost total overhaul of our visual brand, including our logo, color palette, fonts, patterns, layouts, event booth, office interiors, website, business cards, merchandise and more.

Our new visual brand embodies our place at the forefront of the AI space, using the latest breakthroughs in Self-Supervised Learning and Large Language Models to help companies capture and unlock the value in speech data.

We now look ahead to an exciting future where Speech Intelligence, underpinned by the most advanced ML models, continues enabling technology across every industry to serve people better.

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