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Feb 26, 2020 | Read time 3 min

Liquid Voice and Speechmatics expand partnership to minimize GDPR-related risk and protect vulnerable customers

Speechmatics expands partnership with Liquid Voice to allow them to convert customer call center recordings into transcripts to analyze and derive insights.

Speechmatics, a UK leader in any-context speech recognition technology that enables companies to rapidly build innovative applications, has expanded its 3-year partnership with interaction recording and quality monitoring company Liquid Voice.

In this next phase of the partnership, Liquid Voice will expand its solution to further utilize Speechmatics’ ASR (automated speech recognition) to allow them to convert customer call center recordings into accurate transcripts to analyze and derive new insights.

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These insights can protect vulnerable customers and minimize GDPR-related risk for companies.

This is particularly relevant in the financial service industry where the FCA have recently stipulated that firms have a continuous view on how their customers are being treated in all interactions. Accurate transcripts, produced by Speechmatics, can be derived from noisy call environments and across all file formats which enables Liquid Voice to provide a complete, searchable archive for use in a range of scenarios including dispute resolution, quality management and event reconstruction.

Simon Broadbent, CCO of Liquid Voice, said:

“We look forward to entering this new phase of our relationship with Speechmatics and further enhancing the quality and value of our solution. The highly-accurate transcription Speechmatics provides allows us to better serve our customers while simultaneously minimizing risk of data breaches, protecting finances and reputations in the process.”

Broadbent added: “With a rich history of market firsts, this partnership will significantly strengthen our unique consolidated reporting and management function, which provides contact center staff with full visibility and control over every customer interaction and ultimately reduces fines for businesses and protects vulnerable customers.”

Jeff Palmer, VP at Speechmatics, added:

“We provide Liquid Voice with accurate, mission-critical speech recognition technology to enable flexibility in their data analysis, either in real-time or in high-volume batch processing environments. We are continually innovating and improving our technology and this is evidenced by the fact that Liquid Voice has grown by 200% as a customer of ours over the last 3 years. With the biggest GDPR fine ever handed out last year, regulatory compliance has now rightly taken its place alongside customer service as a top priority for modern enterprises – this move shows that Liquid Voice takes this shift seriously.”

Speechmatics and Liquid Voice will be exhibiting at CCW Berlin, the internal conference and trade show for innovative customer dialogue, between 2-4 March 2020 – come and speak to us in hall 2 at stand E21. Book a meeting now.

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