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Apr 5, 2019 | Read time 1 min

Learning about Prometheus at Speechmatics’ Go Meetup

Last week, Speechmatics welcomed attendees to its offices in Cambridge for our March Go Meetup where we discussed Prometheus.

Speechmatics’ Go Meetup is held monthly and is a chance for people interested in Go to get together in Cambridge and learn more about the programming language. The Meetup is open to all knowledge levels and is a great place to share experiences of using Go.

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This month, we welcomed Ray Miller of Metail to speak about Prometheus, the open source monitoring solution. After providing a brief overview of Prometheus, Ray showed us how to instrument our Go programs using the official Prometheus client. In particular, we looked at examples of exposing arbitrary application-specific metrics and wrapping an HTTP handler.

Speaking about his experience, Ray said,

“Cambridge Gophers is a great place to meet other practitioners, exchange ideas and learn from each other. I hope my talk on Prometheus motivated people to find out more about Prometheus and helped them get started with the Go client.”

It was a great session, and I’d like to say a special thanks to Ray for coming in to talk. I’d also like to thank JetBrains for providing the prizes for the raffles each month, whereby they are giving away a 1-year license to any of their products. A special thanks to GoBridge (through William Kennedy) for sponsoring the Meetup fees. Are you interested in Go and want to get involved in our community? If so, why not join the Cambridge Gophers community on Meetup? We’re still looking out for a speaker for our April Meetup, so if you’re interested in sharing your experiences, get in touch! Michel Hollands, Speechmatics

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