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Dec 1, 2022 | Read time 3 min

How Accurate Speech-to-Text Can Boost Revenue for AdTech Platforms

AdTech Platform experts, Alejandro Lemus-Gomez and Rob Hackett, guide you through how accurate speech-to-text can boost revenue in the advertising industry.
Alejandro Lemus-GomezAccount Executive
Rob HackettAccount Executive

The world of advertising is enjoying a prosperous period right now. The market size of internet advertising was valued at $438 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 9% from now until 2030. Which is great news for those doing it right. But ad campaigns are costly and placing money on podcasts and videos that are poorly positioned for their intended audience can lead to a huge loss in investment. Now, more than ever, Adtech Platforms have to consider if they’re best placed to get the most out of boom in the market.

Accuracy is Vital

It’s widely acknowledged that the most time and cost-efficient way to optimize ad placement is through AI transcription. Long gone are the days where human-led solutions could keep up with advertisers needs. Accurate speech-to-text means tagged and crucial words will always be found and customers can spend less time reviewing issues with the transcript. This helps your platform find the right connection between content and advertiser, meaning happier clients all around.

A Global Approach

If your current speech-to-text provider isn’t offering you an accessible, global solution you’re saying goodbye to a vast amount of revenue. With a focus on podcasts in particular – while North America continues to be the dominant force – emerging economies like India, Brazil, China, Turkey, Poland, and Mexico are all cited by Polaris as key regions with expanding middle-class populations, seen as the key demographic for targeted ad spending in audio content.

At Speechmatics, our speech-to-text technology is available in 50 languages, supporting over half the world’s population giving you the chance to tap into potential untapped markets. And where possible, we include accents and dialects within our language packs to improve accuracy across the board.

Finding the Right Words

With innovative features like Speechmatics’ Custom Dictionary, we’ve made it possible for AdTech Platforms to add context specific words in real-time. This means however a brand is mentioned, companies can locate it in all manner of different guises. Our aim is to put you in a position where the customers you serve can understand context too, so they’re best placed to make the right call with their next action.

Faster Results, Deployed Your Way

The sheer amount of content being generated online means the need for efficient and accurate speech-to-text has never been greater. GPU efficiency continues to play a vital role as demand increases. At Speechmatics, we process hour-long files in under 5 minutes enabling vast amounts of data to be processed quickly at a fraction of the cost of human transcription.

We also give our customers more control with a host of different deployment options. Whether it’s on-premises or our SaaS offering, we'll help you prioritize your traffic and manage your workflow. And with record fines issued to AdTech companies that fall foul of GDPR and other regulations, you can rest assured any personal data stored with Speechmatics is protected by the best data safety standards.

Make the Right Move Today

At Speechmatics, we believe accurate speech-to-text is the way to boost your revenue. Which is why we deliver best-in-class automatic speech-to-text at scale and at a low cost in as many languages as possible. Get in touch to learn how you can differentiate your AdTech Platform and stand out from the crowd.

Alejandro Lemus-Gomez and Rob Hackett – AdTech Platform Experts

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