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Apr 30, 2018 | Read time 1 min

The Great Speechmatics Treasure Hunt

Last week, Speechmatics’ employees took to the streets of Cambridge on a City-wide, riddle solving treasure hunt. Employees were split into equal teams before scouring Cambridge for clues and riddles placed in numerous locations around the City by our very own Pirate Pete… “G’Arghh.”

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Before the start of The Great Speechmatics Treasure Hunt, teams were given branded t-shirts, pirate eye patches (of course) and water pistols for fending off enemies in their quest for gold. At each location, teams solved riddles and performed tasks including creating balloon animals and constructing 6-man human pyramids, in order to progress to the next clue. Each successfully completed task/riddle presented teams with a digit, which eventually revealed Pirate Pete’s mystery phone number for the coordinates to the treasure.

It was a fantastic team outing and lots of fun to learn more about Cambridge and each other. Big congratulations go to Team 3 who, after two hours of happy hunting, were the first team to solve the challenging clues and find the treasure. The pot of gold came in the form of two kilos of gold chocolate coins hidden inside a piñata.

Watch the winners celebrating their victory. The day was finished off with some well-deserved food and drinks at the Cambridge Brew House, where teams revealed their unique strategies for the hunt. Some favourites included: stopping off at the Maypole for some refreshments, guessing Pirate Pete’s telephone number and “hoping for the best”, and winning at all cost through clever trickery and deception.

A massive thank you to Pirate Pete, aka Angus Knights, for planning the route, hiding the clues, and creating 50 origami swans the night before the hunt… #Treasurematics Ben Leaman, Speechmatics

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