It was great seeing so many new faces at the Meetup last week, all eager to learn more about Go, in particular about Kubernetes custom controllers, OpenAPI specs and go-swagger.

Last week, myself and fellow Speechmatics Software Developer, Waquid Valiya Peedikakkal spoke at the Cambridge Go Meetup hosted by Speechmatics.

The Meetup, which is held monthly at Speechmatics’ offices in Cambridge, is a great opportunity to share stories and knowledge with other Developers and Engineers who are either looking to start using Go, or indeed learn more about the language and pick up useful tips.

I had a great time at the event speaking about writing custom controllers and resources for Kubernetes and sharing my own experiences of using this tooling at Speechmatics. Rather than deep diving into the contents of my discussion in this blog, you can watch my talk below! Waquid spoke about OpenAPI specs and go-swagger, weaving in a short demo showing attendees how to use the tooling. Waquid then introduced how we are using go-swagger at Speechmatics to provide a speech recognition API.

Waquid commented:

“I enjoyed speaking about go-swagger, a tool which lets you autogenerate your REST APIs from an OpenAPI spec. It was great sharing some of the experiences we’ve had at Speechmatics with using these tools. The Meetup also gave me an opportunity to hear from others who have similar workflows and learn from their experiences as well. “I would recommend anyone interested in Go to attend, it’s a great place to share your thoughts about Go, learn about tools and techniques, and enjoy some pizza!”

The Cambridge Go Meetup is a fantastic opportunity for the local community to collaborate with industry experts and to learn more about Go. If you’re interested, why not join the Cambridge Gophers community on Meetup? Interested in Go or want to speak at one of our future Meetups? Get in touch, we’re always looking for speakers! Anartz Nuin, Speechmatics