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Dec 17, 2017 | Read time 2 min

What to expect as a new starter at Speechmatics

Starting a new job is daunting for everyone. The nerves for me kick in well in advance of day one with even the most simple of everyday tasks requiring much unnecessary planning, for example leaving double the journey time on day one to make sure I arrive on time, only sit in the car park for what feels like hours before you feel you should walk the plank through the door of your new job.

On arrival at Speechmatics the welcome couldn’t have been more rewarding.

First introductions were to the daily perks, the free drinks fridge containing every soft drink you can think of, juices, smoothies, cans of fizz, bottle water, beer, tea and 2 + (real) coffee machines all available for grabs throughout the day (although beer is reserved for Friday’s, which come round so fast!). Fruit bowls crammed with seasonal fruit. Then introductions to all members of staff and a photo for the staff photo board (remember to do your hair).

Then your other perks – a Speechmatics hoodie, a laptop of your choice ready to go, a mobile phone, stationary and of course somewhere to sit.

Week one flew by making the most of quiet times to get to grips with the new job and

listening to office banter drumming up the courage to join in, in the hope that your sense of humour will be received without a long silence wishing the ground would open up and swallow you.

After a mere few weeks in the job, I feel a complete part of the Speechmatics team, the culture is one of empowerment where you can not only be yourself (warts and all), but one where you can make a difference and be allowed to do what you are employed for without worrying that simple decisions will be second guessed. I very soon felt a real part of the company and am motivated and excited by it’s success.

Now, after nearly three months I look forward to what the days may bring. The only thing that seems to remain constant is the (time to sound cheesy) fun and laughs. As a rapidly growing company where everyone is chasing their tails and sometimes pulling their hair out wondering if everything will get done everyone without exception finds time every day to enjoy a chat and a laugh, make fun of something daft that has been said, enjoy a monthly massage, or find an excuse to celebrate somebodies birthday with cake and sweet things. As well as birthday celebrations and welcome drinks we have also found the time to pretend we are American and celebrate Halloween with decorations and a pumpkin carving competition. Looking forward we have the Christmas Party which includes plus one’s and is at Bounce in London.

Three months has absolutely flown by, I am already looking forward the next three.

Catherine King, Speechmatics