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Congratulations to Spain and Pique for a great start to their Euro2016 campaign. A cause for a double celebration as Speechmatics releases to market our Spanish language pack. Continuing our relentless drive of bringing a new language to market every two weeks, we are pleased to release our Spanish language pack for use in our Speech Recognition service.

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Auto-Auto allows Speechmatics to bring to market new and variant languages in super-quick time using far less data than was previously the case.

“As long as we have a handful of hours of transcribed audio data, we can automatically generate a boot-strapped implementation of a language that allows our users to start transcribing their audio content”

commented Chris Hannaby, Technical Sales Engineer at Speechmatics. Once transcription in a new language starts, the Speechmatics system uses Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence techniques to train.

Dr Tom Ash, Director of Speech Recognition commented

“We are extremely pleased with the quality of our Spanish delivery, as it is the first non-English language pack that has been generated purely using our Auto-Auto technology. And we are looking forward to continuing our momentum of delivering a new language every two weeks“

We suspect it won’t be too long before we have our Czech language model ready for release, so the Czech fans can be ready next time the two teams meet for a re-match. To try our Spanish Speech Recognition service, please sign-up at www.speechmatics.com/register

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